Thinking About Taking a Hypnobabies® Instructor Training?

Thinking About Taking a Hypnobabies® Instructor Training?

I attended the Hypnobabies® Instructor Training in 2017 and I’m so happy I did. I already knew I loved Hypnobabies® because I used the home study for my own pregnancies, very successfully seven and six years ago. After having two beautiful empowering homebirths, my wish to help women during pregnancy, birth and postpartum started to grow. After attending a doula training and assisting my first births, I realized I needed more, I needed real tools to be able to help. Hypnobabies® has given me amazing tools. Hypnosis, which can be beautifully powerful, and so much important wisdom about pregnancy and birthing that I now love sharing with my students. 

Two specific things I loved about the training were making some sweet new mom friends and how intense and rigorous our days unfolded. We were there to learn a lot! 

Oh and I forgot to mention, the learning starts way before you arrive at the training, since the pre-requisites also had so much to learn from. 



Dana Luna, HCHI, HCHD

Miami, FL 


Sisterhood, evidence-based research, and fun – these three words define Hypnobabies® Instructor Training I attended in 2008. Even though it was a long time ago, I remember loving every minute of it! Learning from Kerry (Hypnobabies® creator) and Carol (VP at the time) and all of the other women I have met in California has inspired me so much – and it continues to even 10 years later. The best part after the training is the ongoing professional support and connection.

Tamara Srdanovic, CH, HCHI, HCHD






I really loved my Hypnobabies® Instructor Training! It’s definitely something that prepares you very well for teaching once you’re certified. The Hypnobabies® program is completely comprehensive and the instructor training is no different. At the end of the training, I felt prepared to start teaching classes, market my classes, and begin this journey to helping other women learn about Hypnobabies®. 

I also really loved that it’s a large group of women all with very similar interests and a love for sharing Hypnobabies® with other women. I made friendships during that training that I still have today- people in other states that I’ve actually seen since my training. We still talk and check in on how each other are doing. The support of the community is really great as well! I had a blast and would recommend it to anybody who is interested in sharing Hypnobabies® with women in their area.

Liz Hudson, HCHI, HCHI

Charlotte, NC



Becoming a Hypnobabies® instructor was one of the best decisions of my life, and the Hypnobabies® Instructor Training was the perfect kick-off to what has been an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling career as a childbirth educator.  I began the instructor training when my second hypno-baby was just 6 months old and attended the in-person 5 day training when he was 10 months old.  This may seem daunting to some, especially when I tell them I also had a 3 year old to tend to, but the time given to complete the pre-course work was ample and the assignments were fascinating and engaging.  Even though I was already a hypno-mom, learning more about hypnosis and how to share this wonderful program with other pregnant women made the training really rewarding. The in-person training was the icing on the cake.  Being with like-minded women for 5 days was a blast.  I felt the sisterhood energy every day, and learning form Kerry herself was fantastic.  I was still breastfeeding at the time, and there were plenty of breaks throughout the day to accommodate all of us nursing mamas. The training was thorough and a ton of fun, and I felt completely ready to begin this new and exciting career after it was over.  Completing the final exam took no time, and I’m sure that has to do with not only the training being done so well, but because my enthusiasm so get started was stronger than ever.  Once I was certified, I have felt support by this community on a daily basis. And I’ve made some amazing friends.  Now in my 5th year of teaching, I still absolutely love being a Hypnobabies® instructor and would recommend it to anyone who’s pursing a CBE career and wants to offer a complete course that really works and be a part of a thriving community of women who share their passion for childbirth. 

Carrie Mendes, HCHI, HCHD

Orange County, CA


I had the pleasure of attended Hypnobabies® Instructor Training in 2015. I was inspired to apply for the training after having a beautiful birth experience in 2014 using Hypnobabies®. The group of women attending was absolutely amazing! Everyone was passionate about what we were leaning and supportive of one another. I was a bit nervous as I had no childbirth education besides what I learned when I took my Hypnobabies® course while pregnant, but the extra day of training was very informative. Another aspect of the training I greatly appreciated was that it was family friendly. I was still breastfeeding my 1 year old and was able to meet with my husband during breaks to nurse my baby. At the end of the training I had acquired a wealth of knowledge and many new friends to help me begin my journey as a Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor. 


Tanya Revoir, HCHI, HCHD

Thornton, CO



Attending the Hypnobabies ® Instructor Training left me feeling confident in the knowledge I had gained and in my ability to effectively teach classes. What I absolutely loved the most was building lasting friendships with other instructors who were on the same path. We had SO much fun both during the training and on our time off! The support and encouragement we found in each other after leaving our training was invaluable.”

Jenn Riddick, HCHI, HCHD

Austin, TX




I enjoyed my Hypnobabies® Instructor Training so very much!!  I thought the training was very thorough, well-organized, and run very efficiently.  I liked how the instructors would take the time to answer all questions before starting a new session after each break so I could get anything clarified that I needed to.  The location of the Hypnobabies® training was also something that made it feel more like a get-away learning about something that I’m very passionate about while getting to bond with people having the same passion as me over a quick bite at lunch or a more relaxed dinner.

I think that every more important to me than the actual training was the support and community that I received after becoming a certified Hypnobabies® Instructor.  I would have never imagined how much support I would get from all the other Hypnobabies® Instructors.  I really feel like I’m part of a much larger team that is always cheering for my successes and there to help me with the simplest of question. I feel more than supported by Kerry and her staff who go above and beyond in this regard.  I cannot imagine many companies or organizations that even come close to the camaraderie I feel with my Hypnobabies® Instructors even though I’ve never met most of them.

I highly recommend the Hypnobabies® Instructor Training because the training itself is so thorough and complete that you will leave feeling empowered and ready to jump right into this awesome business educating the world about Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypnosis.


Lindsay Osterhoudt, HCHI, HCHD

Raleigh, NC

Class of 2017


I learned so much at the Hypnobabies® Instructor Training. The wonderful trainers walked us through the course and made us feel very confident in our teaching abilities. I also appreciated all of the business tips and resources provided to help us be successful. It was a fun trip being surrounded with others who were also passionate about Hypnobabies®. I left feeling prepared and enthusiastic to teach other couples Hypnobabies®.


Celeste Simons, HCHI, HCHD

Avondale, AZ




I attended Hypnobabies® Instructor Training in the Spring of 2017 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I’m a Two time Hypnobabies Mom so being in the room with Kerry after hearing her voice in my headphones for 2 pregnancies and births felt pretty surreal. Meeting Kimberly Gross and Susan McClutchey was the icing on the cake. They were and have been incredible trainers and mentors. I was also in awe at how many women, like me, had traveled, some from across the globe, to attend this training. I knew then that it was definitely special. We were given everything we needed for the days of instruction so I never felt like I needed to add anything and I loved how we were shown how to implement that into our classes. Things like our workbooks, sticky notes, highlighters, pens were very easy to carry over to my live classes. I loved how we experienced everything we do in class so that once I was certified, I could go into teaching my classes confidently knowing exactly what it feels like to experience some of the content for the first time. One of my favorite parts of training was pairing up with a Hypno-buddy after class and working on scripts together. I think of this often when I’m teaching and reading the end of class scripts, about how relaxed and wonderful I felt afterwards and I get excited when I see my students experience their Hypnosis script. I left training knowing exactly what I needed to do to begin add Hypnobabies® to my Birth Services business as well as how to get started teaching classes. Hypnobabies® Instructor Training was so great that I was sad it was over. The friendships, immense knowledge, and support over the past year has been invaluable at helping me bring Hypnobabies to my local area. If I could attend again it would be an absolute joy!!! 


Tiffany Snow, HCHI, HCHD

Knoxville, TN


What I loved about Hypnobabies® Instructor training:  Besides the obvious of meeting Kerry, Hypnobabies® staff and other Hypnobabies® Instructor Trainees, and having a fun time, here is what I loved:

  • I loved that Hypnobabies loves all the stages of birthing, from pregnancy, birth, to post-partum  
  • I loved that Hypnobabies uses evidence based knowledge
  • I loved that Hypnobabies techniques are very effective
  • I loved that Hypnobabies respects the parent(s), the baby and anyone involved with supporting the parent(s) during this special time
  • l loved that Hypnobabies is changing the perception that childbirth can be an easier, more comfortable and wonderful life experience
  • I loved that Hypnobabies philosophy is based on kindness, gentleness, respect and evidence
  • I loved that Hypnobabies changed ME to become a positive, encouraging childbirth educator who is confident about offering knowledge and techniques that really do make a difference


Vangee Guettinger, HCHI, HCHD, RN, IBCLC, CLE, CD(DONA), DFB

Livingston, CA


What I loved about my Hypnobabies® Instructor Training … I loved that there were women from all over the U.S. and of all different ages and ethnicities. I also truly appreciated coming to understand Hypnobabies®, its purpose and course objective. When I received my books at the training and skimmed through the pages, it was very apparent to me that so much love, incredible detail and years of creativity, writing and planning went into this dynamic childbirth education course. The training was packed full of learning, new insights and meeting new people. I loved learning to read the hypnotic scripts and what Orange Hypnoanesthesia is… priceless. I do believe that Hypnobabies® is the childbirth education course for right now and our future. There is truly a better way for women to birth and I believe Hypnobabies® is the way. I’m grateful and proud to be a part of this leading edge childbirth education and the Hypnobabies® family.

Angela J. Brown, RN, HCHI, HCHD

Orange County, CA


I am so glad that I am a Hypnobabies® Instructor! I absolutely loved the training I received from Hypnobabies. I have gone to other trainings in the past, since I have been a birth doula for over 5 years, and Hypnobabies® Instructor Training was far superior and more comprehensive to anything else I have attended. Kerry and her team are so organized and extremely efficient with the training schedule. I learned the WHOLE time I was at the training. I love that Hypnobabies® is a complete childbirth curriculum and evidence based, which is so important. The support I have gotten since becoming a certified Hypnobabies® instructor has been phenomenal. If I ever need anything my questions are answered promptly by Kerry or one of the team. And I can’t say enough about the other instructors. They way we support one another is inspiring. Best career decision I ever made!


Shannon Lee, HCHI, ICD, Breastfeeding Counselor

Des Moines, IA



I really enjoyed my Hypnobabies® Instructor Training and absolutely love teaching it! The prep work before the training itself was really interesting, especially learning about hypnosis, and the training itself was very thorough and I really loved meeting all the other instructors from around the world! We all still in communication and support each other to this day.  I felt very prepared after the training and the post-work helped to pull it all together.  I truly feel Hypnobabies® is the BEST childbirth education program out there – the education is amazing but the TOOLS you learn are unlike any other to help make birth more manageable and enjoyable!



Laura Hanstad HCHI, HCHD, CLEC

Minneapolis, MN


The Hypnobabies® Instructor Training was such a wonderful, intense, fun experience.  The support I received before, during, and after the training has been extraordinary.  Kim, Susan, and Kerry are so knowledgeable and truly want each of the instructors to succeed and are always available for support and to cheer us on as instructors.  The training was so organized and comprehensive, and it was such a joy to meet like-minded women who became fast friends.  The first day of training felt like Hypnobabies® Christmas when we arrived to class to find our materials/bags/pens, etc neatly laid out for us.  They have truly thought of everything when it comes to the Hypnobabies® program and also for the training itself.  Each night at the training, we practiced reading hypnosis scripts to our study partner to gain confidence and learn about being the teacher reading the scripts to our students. By the end of the training, I felt confident, motivated, and highly prepared to begin my journey as a Hypnobabies® Instructor and hypno-doula.  


Melanie Valle

South Florida


Hypnobabies® Instructor Training 2017 was the ultimate girls weekend and a wonderful camaraderie of women. It was one of the most powerful and educational times of my life. Even before the training started there was so much to learn and prepare for with the prerequisites.

I have always loved children, pregnant women and always wanted children of my own and couldn’t wait to experience pregnancy. My husband and I fell in love with Hypnobabies® when we were preparing for the birth of our first child in 2016. We enjoyed the classes immensely, learned so much and really appreciated all that Hypnobabies® had to offer me, as a Hypno-Mom, and my husband, as a Hypno-Dad and very involved birth partner. My personal experience was even more wonderful and amazing than I ever imagined pregnancy and childbirth could be.

As intuitive as I seemed to be about pregnancy and chidbirth, it was suggested to me to become an instructor and my husband and I thought that was a great idea and the pursuit began. I really dove into the reading and looked forward to expanding my mind even more each and every day as our training in Albuquerque, NM was approaching. The birth world was much more interesting and incredible than I ever realized and meeting all the exceptional women in my training has been unforgettable. Being able to stay in touch, use each other for support and to bounce ideas, frustrations and successes off of is irreplaceable. Being able to offer Hypnobabies to other mom’s and their partners makes me extremely proud and I am honored and humbled to be a part of this elite group. Come join us in 2018 ~ It’ll be a ride you’ll remember and cherish forever!!!

Sheri Garcia, HCHI, HCHD

Orange County, CA


What I loved about my Hypnobabies® Instructor Training…

After being in the birth business for over ten years as a Birth Doula and Prenatal Yoga Instructor, I knew that my next goal was to teach childbirth education.  I had taken two other well-known birth classes for my own pregnancies, but I felt they were each lacking important pieces of the puzzle.  When I found Hypnobabies®, it filled those gaps.  The instructor training blew me away by confirming that is was the BEST program out there with complete childbirth education and comprehensive hypnosis training!  I’ve now been teaching for almost two years, and I couldn’t be more confident in the program or more  happy with my decision to become an instructor!




Michelle Baur, MHS, HCHI, HCHD

Jacksonville, FL


I attended my Hypnobabies® Instructor Training in May of 2018. I was not a hypno-mom but had been a Hypnobabies hypno-doula for about a year. I was very nervous to attend this training because coming to this training meant I had to over come 2 huge fears of mine, planes and speaking in public. I believe in the program so much from witnessing so many beautiful births as a doula that I knew I needed to do this for my community. The 5 day training was by far the best training I have even been to. Everything was thought of for us so we could focus on learning how to teach this amazing education. The days in class were fun, informative, and very helpful. At times it seemed as if I wouldn’t be able to retain all of the information, however, when I got home and started my exam I realized I was so well educated that I joyfully flew right through my exam. It was a very thorough exam but the instructors at the training prepared our brains so well, the information snuck in even when I didn’t realize it was. The group of students that attended were just awesome. Classy, fun, personable women who loved this childbirth education just as much as I do. We had home-play parties and worked as a team to make sure we were all accomplishing our goals. If you want to bring this education to your city… Do it! You will be so thankful you did. I feel prepared to teach students how to have an easier more comfortable birthing and shocker… I’m looking forward to speaking in public to do it. Team Hypnobabies® for sure!!

P.S. I’m a Christian who not only believes in Hypnobabies® but is teaching this education with complete knowledge it is acceptable to do.

Andrea Showers HCHI, HCHD

Council Bluffs, IA


I attended Hypnobabies® Instructor Training in May 2018. It was an amazing 5 days surrounded by women who are all positively impacting the birthing world! The training was thorough and fully brought to life how to effectively teach the Hypnobabies® program to expecting couples. I left training feeling prepared and ready to bring Hypnobabies® to my community and the certification procedure following training has only solidified that. I believe in the Hypnobabies® program and am excited to help others use this program for a more comfortable joy filled natural birth.


Kelly Locke HCHI, HCHD

Hoffman Estates, IL & St. Charles, IL


This training was the first of all of my Doula or childbirth education trainings that was 100% worth every penny. The amount of information that was taught was incredible and I left feeling empowered and excited! It is a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun work as well. And who better to do it with than Kerry, Kim, and Susan? They make a great teaching team and all bring something unique to the table.


Kalli Chason HCHI, HCHD

Portland, OR

A - Kimberly Gross
I became passionate about the field of childbirth after the birth of my son and wanted to help families have the best birth experience possible.