Rebecca’s Empowered Hypnobabies Birth – I CAN do this, I AM doing this!

Rebecca’s Empowered Hypnobabies Birth – I CAN do this, I AM doing this!

“Nurse Asked if I was there for an Induction “What!?”, I thought, “Lady I’m crowning!”.

Clara Noelle (my second child and also second Hypno-baby) was born January 11 at 7:45 am, weighing 8lb 6 oz. She came “quickly, quietly, and easily” and was born “safely and naturally” just like I hoped and prayed for!

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On the morning of January 10, I was 40 weeks 4 days pregnant, and noticed some bloody show. I became so excited that my birthing time could begin soon, but I also knew it could be a couple days away as well. As the day went on, I noticed some very comfortable pressure waves, but only had maybe 10 total throughout the day. Definitely nothing consistent or patterned. So, I went to bed.

In my Hypnobabies preparation, I always pictured my birthing time starting in the early morning, while I slept through some waves listening to my tracks. This is basically what happened! I woke up on January 11 at 1:30 am with some waves. I started tracking them as I laid in bed listening to Birthing Day Affirmations, and noticed they were about 7.5 minutes apart. So I decided to get up, and go lay on the couch in the den (this was a comfortable and familiar place for me since I practiced most of my Hypnobabies in this spot) and listen to more tracks and time some more waves, just to see what was happening.

Between 1:30 am and 5:30 am, my waves grew slightly stronger and closer together. They went from every 7.5 minutes to every 6.5 minutes, to every 5 minutes (and always 1 minute long). When I was in a more upright position, however, they came every 3 minutes and lasted about 30 seconds. As I felt one come, I would sometimes turn Off and sometimes stay in Center, and tell myself things like “deeper relaxed,” “completely anesthetized,” “peace,” “wonderful pressure,” and other Hypnobabies phrases and affirmations that meant a lot to me. I always felt able to welcome each one, relax through each one, and genuinely looked forward to the next one. I wanted to feel the next one, because it meant that my baby really was on her way!

About 6:00am, I decided to wake up my husband (yes, I had been on my own this whole time, with Hypnobabies as my only support, and it worked wonderfully!) and we called his MIL to come pick up our 3 year old. Up to this point, because I had felt so comfortable and managed each wave so well, I was hesitant to go to the hospital because I didn’t want to arrive too early. But around 6-6:30am, my waves became more intense. I found myself vocalizing through them, not talking through them, and wanting counter pressure for added comfort. These were physical signposts for me that baby is pretty close. My waves were also about 2-3 minutes apart, and then I felt a slight release of waters (with meconium present). I realized then that I was farther along than I had originally thought, and felt a strong need to get to the hospital. My MIL arrived at 7:15, and as I made my way to the car, I broke down crying. My husband and I both recognized this as an emotional signpost that baby is near, and we hurried even faster to the car.

Since we were heading downtown at 7:15 am on a Thursday, we hit early morning work traffic. I had put my relaxation music on, and got in a squat like position, and with each wave I felt like the baby was very close to being born. “Not until we at least get to the check in desk,” I told myself. The ride was a challenge to stay composed, but I did, thanks to Hypnobabies. I never lost control, despite it being more challenging. When we arrived at the hospital at 7:30am, and got on the elevator to go up to the birthing floor, I dropped into a squat position. I immediately popped back up and told myself, “NOT until we at least get to the check in desk!” (Haha).

We finally made it to the lovely check in desk, and the nurse asked if we were there for an induction. “What!?”, I thought, “Lady I’m crowning!”. But all I managed to get out was a strong guttural pushing grunt. I think it was sufficient to let them know we were past the point of needing an induction ?I said “I need a room, I think it’s coming”, and pushed again. They led me to a room, and I said “someone please take off my pants,” and then I climbed onto the birthing bed on all fours (how I always imagined pushing my baby out). I heard a nurse say they were going to check me, but then she saw baby’s head and immediately switched gears, and called for the doctor to come right away. It’s interesting to me that until they saw the baby’s head coming out, they still didn’t think I was as far along as I was! I changed my track to Pushing Baby Out, but couldn’t hear it because of the commotion in the room. But honestly I didn’t need it! I just did what my body needed; I “allowed my baby’s birth to happen” (another favorite affirmation).

I only pushed a few times. With the first couple pushes I noticed I had a decision to make. I definitely felt intensity, pressure, stretching and tightness, and wondered, “Can my baby come out? Will this hurt, or can I do this comfortably? Can I and do I want to do this?” My decision was to fear what was happening and resist it, or step into it, welcome it, and let it happen. Thanks to Hypnobabies, I was able to make the decision to accept what was happening, to not fear, but to trust that this was “natural, normal, healthy, and safe.” So, I allowed my body to push, and I let my baby come down, and out. There was intense sensation, lots of pressure. But it didn’t hurt. I didn’t feel pain. “Amazing”, I thought. I helped guide her out, lifted her to my chest, and felt amazing relief, awe, and gratitude. She was born about 10 minutes and only a few pushes after arriving at the hospital!

It was such an amazing experience-quiet and easy up until Transformation, then wonderfully powerful until she was born. It’s funny, I questioned whether I’d be able to “do it”, whether Hypnobabies would “work” for me (even though it worked perfectly for my first birth! Go figure ?‍♀️) all during my pregnancy and preparation. Yet during the birth, I felt confident and sure. During my birthing time is when I came to fully believe that yes, I CAN do this, this IS working for me, I AM doing this! What an amazing gift Hypnobabies has been to me!


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