Phoebe’s Beautiful Birth

I’m proud to say that our daughter Phoebe Marie came into the world on labor day at 9:07AM weighing 7lbs9oz. I had been feeling like the time was coming most of the day on Sunday. I had random PW’s all day but nothing consistent. I went to bed that evening and woke around 3AM with waves coming every 15 min or so. They weren’t very strong so I listened to my easy first stage and tried to sleep. Finally around 6AM they were stronger but not really a great deal closer, but I knew this was it. I called my parents to come stay with my boys because they are 45min away and our hospital was 45 min away also. They arrived around 7AM. I was able to say goodbye to my three boys who had just woken up and we were on our way. While waiting for them, things seemed to almost stop so I thought I  hope I am right about this.

I listened to my tracks on the way and got in a really focused position. The waves came every 5-10min but I was doing ok with them. When we got to the hospital the nurses were like “are you in labor” and I was like yes. When I got to the room in L and D I told them I wanted to be checked, but not admitted if I wasn’t far along. Well I was 5cm and 90% effaced so I was thrilled that I was doing so well and so far along. This was around 8AM. We decided to stay, but I had to be monitored for about 20min. This was probably the worst time especially towards the end because I couldn’t really move much. My doula arrived about 30min later and I was losing focus some. She helped me to get back and I was able to flip over on the bed and rest my arms up on the top of the bed. This seemed to help. I wanted to get in the tub so I was checked again and was 8cm! I was able to get in the tub (it is a small therapy type, not for birth) and was on my knees with my head on my arms on the side of the tub. This helped some, but things were starting to heat up. After about three more waves, I felt pushy, then the next wave I had to push so I had to get out of the tub.

I managed to walk to the bed where I leaned over for the next wave and said I’m going to have a bowel movement and they were like ok whatever. The next thing I knew my water broke in a huge gush. I climbed on the bed on all fours and pushed on the next wave and her head came out. I pushed once more and the rest of her was out. I didn’t have a tear or mark.

It was such a beautiful surreal experience. They handed me her through my legs and I rolled over and just looked at her and couldn’t believe I had done it. I was so happy and proud. My body knew just what to do.

Overall, Hypnobabies allowed me to stay in controlPh and focus pretty much to the end. There were some definite intense parts, but I think the Hypnobabies allowed it to go really quickly and for me to relax through it. It was well worth it and was such a wonderful experience.