Otis’ Birth Story – First Time Mom’s Hypnobabies Birth Center Birth


Otis’ Birth Story – First Time Mom’s Hypnobabies Birth Center Birth

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This story comes to us from Chattanooga Hypnobabies.
Hypno-BABYfullBlanketThroughout pregnancy Justin and I practiced Hypnobabies. He would read scripts to me while I was training my body to go completely limp, loose and relaxed at the drop of a finger. I was actually supposed to practice on my own as well, about 5 times a day and for some reason that was so hard for me to remember. As I got close to my due date I did start to worry I wouldn’t know how to relax, that I would just forget everything I learned.

My due date came and went. I now know why in Hypnobabies they say guess month rather than due date. We just got so anxious, not to mention the family as well. Every night I went to bed hoping that it would not be a normal night, but every morning I would wake up and know today is not the day. I knew he would come when he was supposed to so I was never once worried, just excited. What is he going to look like? Is he going to have hair? Wouldn’t that be a shocker if he wasn’t a little boy? He did know what he was doing though so we just needed to be patient. Justin and I got so much done in the week that passed after his due date. Garden fully planted, new (old) car picked up and ready, co-sleeper built and many last walks in the woods with our dog for a while.

Six days after our due date I went to bed on Sunday night trying not to wish for a different night and only wishing Justin didn’t have to go to work the next day. Around 3:30AM I woke up to go to the bathroom- again, and when I got back in bed I knew this was it. I was having pressure waves (Hypnobabies term for contractions- a much better way to think about it). I lied there for about an hour before waking up Justin. The pressure waves seemed to be coming about every 10 minutes or so but I wasn’t sure, I just knew I should wake him up. He tried to get me to go back to sleep, according to our midwives directions but that was not happening. I sat on the couch and put in my Hypnobabies deepening track which always made me fall asleep so I knew it would help me relax. At first I wanted to punch the lady talking in the face, but once I calmed down and took a couple breaths, it did help, tremendously! I was so calm and relaxed just breathing through each pressure wave as they got closer together and stronger. Justin called the midwife around six to tell her I was in labor. She said call back when pressure waves are closer and stronger and they’ll be on their way. It didn’t take much longer for that to happen. I knew this wasn’t going to be a long labor, I could just tell he was ready and I had been prepared for that. Justin ran around the house and got things ready and I continued to listen to Hypnobabies tracks and tried to relax. I couldn’t believe how much the hypnosis really helped. It did take a lot of concentration though. If I didn’t concentrate the pressure wave would feel so much different and painful; if I did concentrate, really concentrate on relaxing my body and “turning off my light switch” then it felt only like pressure. Read the rest of this wonderful birth story HERE.