Nora’s Newsworthy Entrance, Baby Born in the Family Van!

I wanted to share my birth story….This is my third baby and my first time doing Hypnobabies…

On October 12th (after 2 days of doing maternity acupressure) I took 2 tablespoons of castrol oil in a sugar free chocolate shake.  I started having pressure waves an hour later which continued for 5 hours (absolutely no castrol oil side effects which was a relief- I only took a very small amount).

My pressure waves lasted no more then 45 seconds and were irregular but some coming every 3 minutes. I stayed relaxed through out each pressure wave. I called my Doula at that time just to let her know what was going on. I listened to my early first stage CD and fell asleep in my bed. I woke up very relaxed. At that time my pressure waves stopped. It was a very nice and relaxing day. My husband was with our two boys so there were no distractions.
Later that night after my sons were in bed I decided to take another small amount of castrol oil in a shake (2 tablespoons).  The pressure waves started an hour later…I walked around for most of them in center and said my peace cue word which worked help me relax.  About 1030 I went to the bathroom and discovered that I had some bloody show. I immediately called my Doula and then my midwife who advised me to come in since I was 45 minutes away.
From this point on (after calling my babysitter and my friend to come over so we could leave sooner) things went very fast …

the pressure waves seemed on top of each other. We got into the car and I told my DH to drive fast (Later I realized I was already in transformation). I had my headphones on trying to listen while hanging on to car handle as my DH drove quite fast to get us to the hospital. The pressure waves were very intense and at one point my DH turned a corner and my headphones flew off of my head.

My DH told me later that I was very quiet with each pressure wave and the only way he knew I wasn’t having one was when I spoke or sighed.  I was saying to myself “baby stay stay in..”  My PW’s were not p***ful but they were so INTENSE (and this is b/c I think I only had 20 seconds in between each one).
My water broke and I immediately felt intense pressure of her head. I told my DH to pull over (he thought I was kidding at first!)  He pulled into a driveway and honked the horn and started calling 911.  I kept thinking I have to get my jeans off b/c I can’t deliver her in my jeans.  While my DH was on the phone with a dispatcher I took my jeans off and walked to the back of the van.  My DH at that time was trying to get stuff out of the back of the van for me to lay down…the dispatcher was telling him that I needed to lay down….I told my DH that I didn’t need to lay down.

I then told him “I need you to catch the baby now.” At that time, I pushed (it felt so great to be able to push)..our baby into my DH hands.  I toke her and discovered she had a loose cord around her neck..I pulled it over her head and started wiping her down with my DH’s shirt that he took off.  I then got into the front seat and put her to my chest and blasted the heat.  Four minutes later the paramedics arrived.

We were then taken to the hospital were my Doula and midwife were waiting.  Nora Jane weighed 7 pounds 15 oz and checked out just fine.  I had a 1 degree laceration which was repaired with a few stitches.  My DH and I look back and we just can’t believe her birth story.  We later discovered we were 10.2 miles away from the hospital.  And the driveway where she was delivered the house was for sale and vacant.  Which I am relieved b/c I really didn’t need an audience at that moment.
My DH said that I was so calm and quiet through out the entire birth.  I felt calm, but didn’t realize how quiet I was b/c everything felt so intense inside my body as I was experiencing my labor and birth of Nora. I am so pleased and happy with my Hypnobabies birth experience. Nora is such a calm and mellow baby which I also contribute to Hypnobabies as well.  My DH is an ER nurse and I worked as a L+D nurse for 5 years (I have been at home for 3 yrs now) and even with our experience it is a completely different feeling when it is happening to yourself.  And not making it to the hospital is not something we ever planned or visualized, but she was ready and nothing was going to stop her from being born at that moment.


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