Narciss’ Quick Hypnobabies Hospital VBAC Birth

New parent holding newborn baby

Narciss’ Quick Hypnobabies Hospital VBAC Birth

“Hypnobabies definitely empowered me to trust/listen to my body and tell people what I needed during my birthing time. My husband stood up for me twice while at the hospital, and I also owe that to Hypnobabies.”

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Here’s to the “each birth is unique” affirmation!

First baby: started Hypnobabies at 20 weeks, went to 42 weeks, my home birth turned into a C-section and I never had a chance to actually use Hypnobabies during my birthing time (Hypnobabies term for labor).

Second baby: successful VBAC with no medication using Hypnobabies! We did it!

Isla Lynn was born at 2:38am on 1/4/22. My birthing time started about 7pm on 1/3/22, so everything happened pretty quickly. Gestational age was 40+1 and I started listening to the “Come Out Baby track” (Hypnobabies track to encourage baby to be born) at 39 weeks.

New parent holding newborn babyOne mistake I made was not getting into hypnosis fast enough. I should have started listening at 7pm, but I wanted to put my toddler to bed and explain to him that I wouldn’t be there in the morning, so I didn’t get into hypnosis until about 45 minutes into my birthing time. This made it a little difficult to settle in and relax as my pressure waves (Hypnobabies term for contractions) were pretty intense, but luckily they were very short. About 30 seconds in length but happening every 2.5 minutes. My midwife later told me my pressure waves were much longer than the 30 seconds, but my body was only truly feeling and recognizing the peak of each wave.

By the time we got to the hospital at about 11pm, my pressure waves were becoming stronger. I was disappointed to be told I was only 5cm. Earlier that day, I was 3cm and had a membrane sweep in the office. So, to think I was 4 hours into my birthing time New dad holding newborn babyand only changed 2cm was disheartening. Luckily, things moved very quickly after that point, and I was discouraged for no reason.

My pressure waves were very intense after midnight, and I decided to switch to the “Easy First Stage” (Hypnobabies main birthing time track) track. Mistake #2…. I should have started this track much sooner. I was having a hard time staying relaxed during my pressure waves, but I feel like if I had started this track sooner, the pressure waves would have been more manageable for longer.

My water broke and I entered transformation (Hypnobabies term for transition) around 1am. While I did have some relief from the water breaking, transformation was a difficult time for me to remain in hypnosis. I was very glad the nurses knew to not offer me any medication, because, if offered, I might have changed my mind. Be sure that, if zero medication is truly what you want, that everyone knows prior to your birthing time. I was grateful to have made that clear ahead of time.

Swaddled newborn in bassinetAt 2am, my midwife wanted to check me, but I told her there was no reason to as I would be pushing very soon. 5 minutes later, I started pushing and she was out in 30 minutes! Both my husband and I could not believe the sounds a birthing mother can make while pushing. I had no idea I could be so loud and animalistic! Pushing was the craziest experience for me and I really enjoyed this part of my birthing time. For me, pushing was easier than transformation. I remembered to try pushing the head down gently in between pushing waves and I think that helped with tearing. I did tear a little, but it was so minimal that I didn’t need any stitches.

Hypnobabies definitely empowered me to trust/listen to my body and tell people what I needed during my birthing time. My husband stood up for me twice while at the hospital, and I also owe that to Hypnobabies.

After having a successful VBAC (which I never got around to purchasing the extra hypnosis tracks for, btw) and never being able to utilize Hypnobabies with my first, I can’t imagine what birth would be like without Hypnobabies. I’m forever grateful I had this tool during my birthing time.