Second Time Mom’s Healing Hypnobabies Birth

Second Time Mom’s Healing Hypnobabies Birth

“I felt very relaxed and loved how I was so in tune to my body during pressure waves. I honestly loved the experience of going inward and feeling my baby come to me, understanding the tightening. It was actually very beautiful.”

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In November I found out I was 2 month pregnant and due June 12th. With the experience I had before, I was determined for a natural childbirth but wanted something to help me relax a little more. So this time I did a little more research and I fell upon a Hypnobabies childbirth story and decided that was something that I felt could work for me. I did lots of research, read lots of stories, asked the local Hypnobabies instructor millions of questions and bought the home study packet in February. I was ecstatic to start it the day it arrived and we did.

I want to add that my personality is sort of high temp. I don’t calm easily at all so that’s also why I picked hypnosis. I had a very supportive husband and my mother who were the greatest support team. I also picked a hospital birth because A. cost B. because of medical problems that did arise in my last birth.

On May 31th 10am ish I lost my mucus plug and a few hours later the pressure waves started. I was in Hypnobabies mode, so ready to do this but I knew it would be awhile so I decided to still go to work for a 3-11pm shift. I was listening to my affirmations this whole time because it was the very early stage of birthing time. Around 8ish they were getting strong enough that I couldn’t concentrate and talk to guests ( I work at a hotel) through pressure waves so clocked out. My boss had let me borrow the Jacuzzi suite for free to labor in until I was ready to go to the hospital. That night my pressure waves kept getting longer and stronger and I was staying so very relaxed. Around midnight, I was exhausted though so I decided to lie down even though pressure waves were uncomfortable. I could sleep in-between them. I Woke up the next morning around 8am, jumped out of bed and realized they had gone away!! It only took 20 min and they were back about 20 min apart but very very strong. That lasted all day but instead of trying to get them going I decided to distract myself and go about my normal day. If they stuck, they stuck. If they stop, baby just isn’t ready yet and that was okay. I was a little discouraged but I felt it was important baby come when he was ready. That night I went to sleep again but I would wake up for pressure waves and go on all fours for about a minute and half but I was able to sleep very well. I woke up the next morning and they were about 10 min apart. I hopped in the shower and all of a sudden they jumped to much, much stronger. I felt a wave of emotion go all over me and I knew this was it. I got out of the shower and my mom must have noticed my change in mood because she also said that this baby was coming today!

I had my head phones in at around 2ish. I needed to concentrate a little more and what felt good was actually an assisted squatting position lying against my hubby so I could completely relax during pressure waves. I personally liked to stay in center the majority of my birthing time because that’s just what felt most comfortable to me. I felt very relaxed and loved how I was so in tune to my body during pressure waves. I honestly loved the experience of going inward and feeling my baby come to me, understanding the tightening. It was actually very beautiful.

Around 5 I believe my pressure waves changed completely. Towards the end of each wave it would go longer but change to where it felt good to move from all fours to squatting and I knew it was preparing me for transformation. I could feel Aabel moving into position for this transformation stage and I knew he would be with me soon. About 6pm transformation was in full swing and swaying on all fours and “aaahhing” felt amazing but it was time to go to the hospital.  My mom felt the baby would be coming very soon and that I did not have time to take a shower. I said a prayer and changed to the fear releasing track because I did a get a little anxiety it but soon cleared ( my mom served as a doula of sorts and a wonderful mommy). Going outside it was bright and it felt good to have a cool hand over my eyes and the cool wind on my face.  I would “ahhh” and “umm” during pressure waves and it was beautiful. We got in the car and it felt best to still have someone’s hand either on my cheek or over my eyes. Pressure waves were very very strong and close at this point. I felt very relaxed and in control.

Some of the pressure waves would be a lot stronger and intense than others. I would hum and sing Amazing Grace and the low tones helped keep me relaxed and the vibration eased my waves.  I would pray and thank God for giving me the strength and holding my hand through this amazing experience.

We got to the hospital, and after many stops and many hums and prayers, we got to the elevator.  An extremely intense wave hit and this amazing nurse pops out and holds my hips together and says ,”you’re here for a natural birth right?” and we said yes. She helped us to our room and was completely excited and supportive of our birth plans (later we found out my midwife had taught her techniques to help with waves).

We got to the room and she gave me time to find a comfortable position to monitor and we did.  She was so patient with me and gentle it was amazing. After monitoring my midwife came and said how well relaxed I was. She started the bath because I did want a waterbirth also.

Before the bath I had to use the potty, my water broke and at the same instance I was pushing, I said “umm I’m pushing”, midwife then said “I’m not delivering this baby on the toilet, can you try to get off?”  Well I tried to move, and then I was pushing again and could not move so they moved me off the toilet and into a standing position which didn’t feel right.  The tub was not even close to half full, I went too fast for that.  So then I moved to all fours and that instantly didn’t feel good.  We then moved to the bed and side lying felt very wrong. My midwife then said to try an assisted squat because of how the baby was positioned.  She felt the baby would be out fast and most comfortable and we found out that was right.  I had my mom and a nurse help hold my legs while my midwife did perineal massage and I held onto the top bars of the bed while I pushed and in 3 pushes, I pushed my beautiful son out. He was born screaming and breathing, a healthy boy, 6lbs 6oz @ 8:25 pm 19.5 inches.  Most amazing feeling in this world – so beautiful, so much love and it was an experience.  I loved and enjoyed it and will always cherish it!

  • This is exactly what I needed to hear. I am “high temp” too and really thought that would hinder me but if it worked fro you I think it’s worth a shot! Thanks for sharing your story!!

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