My Beautiful Hypnobabies Birthing Story by way of the Car

My Beautiful Hypnobabies Birthing Story by way of the Car

“My husband was more prepared than I gave him credit for. He reminded me to turn on the Pushing Baby Out track (Hypnobabies hypnosis track for pushing) and with each wave, he was still giving the Relax cue reminding me to say Peace. I’m amazed.”

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Wednesday, November 8th was my brother’s 18th birthday. I woke up and did not feel like myself. After having several weeks of prodromal waves (on and off contractions) I was trying to maintain my Bubble of Peace (Hypnobabies tool for keeping negativity away) waiting on my baby’s arrival. I was 39+1 and was trying to maintain a level of patience.

I decided I was cutting off from the world that day. I was still having pressure waves (Hypnobabies word for contractions) they just didn’t have any type of consistency to them. I started having practice waves (Braxton Hicks) around 15 weeks so waves were a norm to me. I put my phone on DND and decided I need some time to myself and to allow my body and baby to prepare for our birthing time (Hypnobabies word for labor). I took a two hour nap and then woke up contemplating attending my chiropractic appt. After conversing with my husband I decided to go even though I would be late. I got adjusted and then did acupuncture while listening to Come Out Baby (Hypnobabies hypnosis track to encourage baby to be born). After leaving there I decided to go get my nails done because they were looking bad lol. Once I made it home, I took another 2 hour nap. Very weird because I do not nap like this – not at all during my entire pregnancy.

Around 7 pm or so I decided to go get in the bed. I had never watched so much TV in my life lol and by 8pm I started to have consistent pressure waves. Enough to where I changed my positioning to be more comfortable. By 10 pm I decided to listen to my Hypnobabies hypnosis tracks because they were about 5 min apart and stronger than what I was used to. I figured this may be my birthing time however due to weeks of prodromal waves I did not fully believe it. Another hour passed, and I breathed through the waves. My husband was getting ready for bed lol he was probably sleeping because he was used to my body having increasing waves especially at bedtime.

At 12 am my water broke with a wave. For someone who had never experienced a natural breaking of waters, I was in awe and intrigued lol. We jumped up put down some towels and my husband called the midwife to inform her. She suggested I get some rest for as long as I could. An hour later the waves had picked up and we decided it was time to go in because the birthing center was 45 minutes from our home.

During the car ride I was able to continue listening to my hypnosis tracks. I really really enjoyed Easy First Stage (Hypnobabies main hypnosis track for birthing time), like loved it. By the time we got there my waves were about 3 minutes apart. I opted to walk to the birthing center which is located inside the hospital. I would have to stop ever 2-3 minutes and breathed through each wave. The midwife checked to ensure my water really broke and then checked me. She did not share with me where I was (later I found out she shared this with my husband – I was at a 3) but suggested we go home to be comfortable until it was time. I was slightly confused because my waves were strong and close but trusted her judgment. I don’t think it appeared as if I was actively ready to birth because of how I went through each wave peacefully.

On the ride home I opted to ride in the back of the car for more comfort. At this point with my tracks in my ears, I had to say Peace (Hypnobabies cue word for instant physical comfort and to direct hypno-anesthesia) through my waves to remain calm and relaxed. When we made it home I got in the tub. I thought I was only in there 20 minutes. Come to find out I was in there for an hour and able to sleep peacefully between each wave. After an hour I was ready to get out and wanted to lay back down. It was no longer comfortable in the tub.

This part was kind of blur to me but I know he called the midwife to inform her of how close the waves were and tell of my back discomfort. My son decided to turn around so my husband needed to apply pressure to my back with each wave from here on out. He also had to use the Relax cue (Hypnobabies cue word to deepen hypnosis) and pressure on my shoulder to help me focus. He would say Peace to remind me to say it to relax.

I have no clue why we didn’t leave then lol but honestly after hearing my husband’s side he said my waves had stopped. I believe this is when my body had finished transformation (Hypnobabies word for transition) and it was time to rest. I laid down in the bed for about 10 minutes and then felt my body begin to push. Out of fear of poopin in the bed lol I went into the rest room and told my husband we need to go. However I couldn’t move lol he had to come and get me dressed because my body felt weak. I was standing but could not move. He put his shorts on me and finished dressing me and after a series of waves we made it to the garage door. At this point waves were coming back to back and I could feel the blood and amniotic fluid running down my leg as my body naturally pushed each time a wave came.

As soon as we got a break my husband was able to guide me to the back seat of the car. Having to apply counter pressure to my back I would not let him get in the car to drive. The car was running and the garage door was open. My 11 year old was standing nearby wondering how he could help and get me the birthing center lol poor thing. My husband was trying to figure out what to do so he told our son to go get our neighbor so he could possibly help or drive us. It was around 530 am.

At this point my husband had only heard me push but never saw it because the house was dark. When he saw my body push he opted to call 911. I told him he had to go get scissors because the shorts had to go. I could feel the baby coming closer with each wave. Craziest thing is how rational I was able to be, I didn’t feel out of control. My husband was more prepared than I gave him credit for. He reminded me to turn on the Pushing Baby Out track (Hypnobabies hypnosis track for pushing) and with each wave, he was still giving the Relax cue reminding me to say Peace. I’m amazed.

By the time the paramedics pulled up our son made it outside with the scissors and the paramedics cut my shorts and I reached down and could feel the baby crowning. With the next waves I pushed out the head. I had to inform the paramedic that I would not need his help and would be waiting until the next wave to continue pushing (how? only God knows lol). With the next wave at 6 am I pushed out our beautiful baby and pulled the baby to my chest and luckily, we had blankets in the car that I was able to wrap the baby in. Through full out tears I was able to look down and see he was a BOY! We were Team Green so we had no idea.

I then had to inform the paramedic that I wouldn’t need him to clamp the cord right away lol he insisted but I wouldn’t let him. He was so confused. We then took a ride to Mercy in the back of the ambulance after arguing about whether to go to the nearest hospital (there was one about 5 min from our house) or go to the hospital we preferred where the birthing center was located. By 7 am we were at the birthing center and by 5 pm we were back home.

Not exactly the birth I envisioned lol although I did visualize having my birthing time during the evening and into the morning but I am grateful! Hypnobabies is God sent.

So here he is Zayden born Thursday, November 9th at 6 am at 39+2 weighing 6lbs 5oz in the back of our car in the garage.