My Anxiety Got Worse During My First Pregnancy — Here’s How I Managed It For Baby No. 2

Pregnant woman wearing overalls, sitting on a bench and looking at her phone.

My Anxiety Got Worse During My First Pregnancy — Here’s How I Managed It For Baby No. 2

by Caitlyn Doenges

“I can honestly say I felt like a different person. I was confident, healthy, happy, and excited — all things I envisioned pregnancy to be. Not only did the program teach me anxiety-coping skills, but it helped empower me to make decisions for myself.”

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While I’ve suffered from anxiety for a number of years, it ran rampant throughout my first pregnancy. As a first-time mom, there were so many unknowns, and I worried at every turn that something would go wrong. First, it was making it to the 12-week mark when miscarriage becomes less likely. Then it was making it to the 20-week mark when we could possibly find out the gender during the ultrasound. Then the glucose tolerance test for gestational diabetes. And of course, the ultimate end game — getting the baby out. All of this gave me so much anxiety that I found it difficult to focus on the joy of being pregnant. Looking back, I’d say I spent probably half the time feeling happy and excited and half the time feeling anxious. That’s no way to live, especially when you’re about to welcome a new baby into your life. So, when I got pregnant for the second time, I armed myself with tools so that I (and those around me) could enjoy my time creating life inside my body. For me, the most effective tool was self-hypnosis. Read more HERE