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What tracks are important to have on an MP3 player?

I am really enjoying the hypnobabies self-study program (32 weeks), but don't fully understand what I will be using in the hospital versus what I am using now. (It may be in a session I have not done yet, but I could use some insight). Should I download all my tracks to an MP3 player to take to the hospital or is there just 2-3 tracks that you would recommend. (I plan to stay at home as long as possible) Thank you for any insight you have.
  • Replied by Tanya Wright on Wednesday, January 21 2015, 04:24 AM · Hide · #1
    Further to this question and responses....
    Each of the tracks start by entering hypnosis and end with counting your way up (except Deepening which gives the option to stay in hypnosis and go to sleep ). On Birth Day when the talks are being used is the idea to stay in hypnosis (switching between Off and Centre ) until bub is born? In which case what do we do with the count down into and back up out of hypnosis which starts and finishes each CD track?
  • Replied by Constance Tucker on Tuesday, January 08 2013, 07:02 AM · Hide · #2
    Thank you, Ladies. I will download everything just to be ready!
  • Replied by Anne Ferguson on Monday, January 07 2013, 04:00 PM · Hide · #3
    I agree that it's best to just take them all. These are the tracks I've seen my doula clients use during their birthing time:
    Easy First Stage
    Pushing Baby Out (these two are super critical of course as they are your two birth guide tracks)
    Fear Clearing (Important to do at least once early on but can be done as much as needed)
    Deepening (super great for when a Mom needs rest. I've had Moms do deepening and after the 25 minutes are done they "wake up" and say "I feel like I slept for hours." This is in the active phase of their birthing time!)
    Special Place and Easy, Comfortable Childbirth I've seen used less-often.
    Birthing Day Affirmations for sure!

    Good luck to you and happy birthing!
    1 vote by Lyz
  • Replied by Jenn King Lasek on Monday, January 07 2013, 11:23 AM · Hide · #4
    Hi Constance,
    I'm glad that you're enjoying your Home Study program! :)

    To answer your question, any of your Hypnobabies tracks can be used effectively during your birthing time. Your manual will review how to use your Birth Guide tracks (specifically helpful) and also, in your Quick Reference booklet, there is even more guidance on the page that lists all of your Hypnobabies tools.

    In my experience as a Hypno-Doula, my own clients have had all of their Hypnobabies tracks available to them since you never know which one will resonate more with you until you're in the moment.
    Replied by Erika Park on Monday, January 07 2013, 09:16 AM · Hide · #5
    I'm also at the beginning of my course, but I did skim ahead through the book to see what topics were covered, when. It looks like a lot of the later stuff will be more applicable to the actual birthing and the early stuff is to prepare you for the deeper hypnosis later. From reading some of the birth stories, it sounds like a lot of the tracks from about halfway through and on are useful to listen to during birth, and some are specifically geared toward the different stages of birthing. I'm planning to put everything on my ipod and take that and headphones with me to the hospital.
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