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Sessions Causing Tingling, Itching, and now Anxiety

I have a lot of faith in hypnosis, but I'm finding when I do my sessions (I'm in my first week), I get very unpleasant tingling/itching sensations and overwhelming drives to move (mostly to rub the part of my body that is bothering me most). I just finished a session and I'm actually feeling very tense and anxious and twitchy and I don't know why.

Has anybody else had this problem and found a solution?

I'd hate for this to interfere with the effectiveness or enjoy-ability of my program. :(
  • Replied by Jenn King Lasek on Saturday, February 16 2013, 01:01 PM · Hide · #1
    Hi Holly,

    This is actually a really great sign that you are in a deep enough state to create your hypno-anesthesia! I've included an explanation below (from Hypnobabies VP, Carole Thorpe) that might help you look at these sensations more positively.

    Also, in your second week you will learn your center position on your lightswitch which will allow you to move around as much as you'd like during your sessions while staying deeply in hypnosis.

    Happy reading!

    How a state of hypnosis causes the tingling sensation, or twitching or restless legs is this...
    Involuntary muscles are part of the autonomic nervous system, and when someone is VERY deeply in hypnosis like they are while listening to the Deepening CD or their scripts for the week, those muscles relax. Since the little capillaries just below our skin are surrounded by involuntary muscles...part of the autonomic nervous system...when they relax, blood flows out of them and flushes our skin red. This is what happens when we blush, when our chest gets flushed when we are nervous, etc. The increase in blood flow to the surface of our skin feels pins-and-needles-like and that's the tingly feeling you experience. It can also cause restless legs to feel like they want to twitch and wiggle.

    As for tingly sensations or compulsive swallowing, or restless legs happening during one CD more than another, I would suspect that is because of the different depths we achieve while in hypnosis due to our personal circumstances during that session. We don't always go to the same depths of hypnosis each and every time, unless we are asked to do so during a post hypnotic suggestion...like the suggestion to Hypnobabies moms when they hear on the Deepening CD, "every time you use your finger drop technique you will return to this deep level of hypnosis that you are in right now...and even deeper".

    The nice thing to know about all of this information, is that the tingly feeling or the need to wiggle (being uncomfortable) is proof positive that their hypnosis IS deep enough, not only to create physiological responses in our autonomic nervous systems, but that it also automatically creates the physiological lessening of sensation that we call hypno-anesthesia! It's one and the same.

    One way to make the sensations less annoying is to observe them with amused, detached curiosity as 'sensations' ONLY...no judgment or assignment of labels like tingly or tickly, just 'curious sensations that provide proof positive that my anesthesia is working very well'! The more you merely observe any physical sensation, interestingly enough, the less intense it feels. Then mom can begin to be happy that those 'sensations' are so powerful...because "the more powerful those 'curious, anesthesia-confirming sensations' become...the more comfortable you will be during your birthing". After a while you will begin to associate the curious sensations in your body, as confirming the existence of your hypno-anesthesia.

    Now there are other things that moms can do to make themselves more comfy during their scripts after week one. The most important one is switching to the CENTER as much as mom needs to in order to move or scratch throughout her entire hypnosis practice. Mom can move as much as she needs to, and still be deeply in hypnosis and creating her hypno-anesthesia nicely. It is only the very first week that moms are 'completely OFF and unable to move no matter how hard they may try'. Itchy, twitchy restless moms actually get more practice with their lightswitch when they switch OFF and back to CENTER really often during their scripts.

    Moms could take a nice warn soak in the tub prior to their script practices. Their birth partners could give them a nice massage prior to reading the scripts, anything that relaxes mom so much that she doesn't quite care that she's experiencing the sensations of deep hypnosis as itchiness or restlessness. Just let those legs wiggle in CENTER switch as much as they need to ('every movement your body makes takes you deeper, and especially your skin feels so good, just perfect during every hypnosis session you enjoy").

    And, a really important point: I have NEVER seen one (in over 250 Hypnobabies births) mom who may be bothered by any tingly, twitchy or restless sensations during pregnancy, experience them at all, during their baby's birthing!
    1 vote by Holly S
  • Replied by Holly S on Sunday, February 17 2013, 05:28 PM · Hide · #2
    Thanks so much for the very thorough response. That's all very reassuring information!
  • Replied by Lindsey Smith on Wednesday, February 27 2013, 10:03 PM · Hide · #3
    This was great information! I started to feel this same way and was starting to worry! So glad it just means its working:)
  • Replied by Stephanie on Tuesday, June 18 2013, 06:28 AM · Hide · #4
    This information is very helpful. I had these itchy/twitchy sensations last night during the second time listening to my 'learning self hypnosis' CD in my second lesson of the home study course. My husband was sound asleep and snoring as we were listening and I kept switching from off to on and off back to on to ty to move and get comfortable! I have also noticed that I need to swallow a lot (my mouth seems to water and create saliva?) during my finger drop technique and turning my light switch off, but I'm glad to know I'm not the only one to have experienced these things. The only thing I'm wondering about is switching my light switch to the center position; I have not done that yet... does that come after lesson #2 (Learning Self Hypnosis and Deepening scripts?)
  • Replied by Jenn King Lasek on Tuesday, June 18 2013, 11:28 PM · Hide · #5
    Hi Stephanie, In your first week of your home study program you learn how to get your switch OFF and then build on that in the second week by adding the CENTER position to your lightswitch. Just follow all of the instructions and lessons as outlined in your home study program and it will walk you through learning all of your tools (as well as how to use them)!
  • Replied by AMANDA ROOT on Tuesday, September 24 2013, 03:33 PM · Hide · #6
    Great to know I kept thinking maybe I wasn't allowing myself to go deep enough. I always feel like I can initially relax myself, but I rarely black out now because I was afraid that if I slept I would be too deep nice to read that others are experiencing the same thing. Is it ok If I don't Reach that supreme black out or conversely, return to consciousness on cue?
  • Replied by Jenn King Lasek on Wednesday, September 25 2013, 01:14 PM · Hide · #7
    "Is it ok If I don't Reach that supreme black out or conversely, return to consciousness on cue?"
    Yes absolutely - your mind will provide for you exactly what you need. Your mind is also *always* recording literally everything going on around you (even while sleeping!) - whether you 'black out' (known as hypnotic amnesia) or remain conscious throughout the session, either is absolutely fine. And some people come back up quickly and for others, it takes a bit more time. I've also found in my own hypnosis practice (personally and as a hypnotherapist), sometimes it takes longer to come back up to full conscious awareness than other times. This could just be that the person went deeper than usual, needed the extra rest, was really enjoying the depth, etc - either way again, your mind will provide for you whatever it is that you need in the moment! That really IS the beauty of our powerful minds! :)
    Replied by Molly on Thursday, September 26 2013, 10:50 AM · Hide · #8
    "Your mind is also *always* recording literally everything going on around you (even while sleeping!) "
    I just want to add a personal experience here. I had always worried a little with being so deeply "asleep" while listening, at night, to hypnobabies. I was the only adult present, I had other children sleeping, and I am already a deep sleeper. However, as the scripts promise about waking during an emergency, I did wake one time in the middle of a script which was rare for me. It felt like a rapid awakening and I lay in bed trying to figure out why I was awake. Then I realized that I smelled smoke (a light scent, not choking or seeing any smoke). I was able to investigate and then get back to my hypnobabies and script. What a relief to have had the reinforcement.
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