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not what i expected

i was wondering why hypnosis for childbirth works wonders for some and less so for others. i birthed my baby 3 weeks ago after 6 weeks of daily diligent hypnosis practise (i dedicated several hours every day to listening to the tracks and practising), which i had so much faith in, but i cant say any part of my birthing time was comfortable. i think my study was helpful in that it helped me have an amazing pregnancy and look forward fearlessly to my birthing time, as well as help me achieve a quick birth (i woke up immediately in active labour and birthed my baby within 6 hours). but from the moment it started i was incapable of relaxing or feel any anesthesia. i was so surprised because i believed it would work so much. any insights??? thanks!
    Replied by Jenn King Lasek on Thursday, March 20 2014, 11:12 PM · Hide · #1
    While very many Hypnobabies mothers report “completely comfortable, and even “painless” birthings, for some mothers “easier, and more comfortable” than what could have been is their experience. “Easier" as in fearless, and a 6 hour birthing, and “more comfortable” than birthing could have been without using any hypnosis tools or doing any of the course work. Hypno-anesthesia is not designed to remove all sensation. It’s important to know that all of our mothers who report completely comfortable birthings also share with us that they felt ALL of the power, and ALL of the intensity of the sensations of childbirth. This is the reason for them choosing a natural birth and learning how to use hypno-anesthesia rather than medical anesthesia. They wanted to be “more comfortable” than other natural birthing mothers and still to be able to feel and respond to their baby’s movements and their body’s guidance while giving birth.

    Hypnobabies techniques are always the same and how mothers are instructed to learn them, practice them and use them during birthing is the same. Proven medical hypno-anesthesia techniques remain the same. The need to maintain a steady stream of hypnotic suggestions coming into the mother’s mind to keep her in a deep state of hypnosis is always the same, since hypnosis fades away without constant input.

    The difference between one mother’s Hypnobabies experience and another’s lies in the differences between each mother’s and baby’s journey through the birthing process, each mother’s choices about her experience and even in her choice to continuously use all of her Hypnobabies tools. There are so many other variables … how the Hypnobabies mother is supported during birthing (did someone help her to remember to use her lightswitch OFF and CENTER, and listen to her audio tracks and deepening cues continuously to remain deeply in hypnosis at all times?). How encouraging were the staff and other people attending the birth (did anyone say anything that made the mother fearful)? Was the atmosphere around the birthing mother peaceful with dim lighting or chaotic and loud and bright? Were there complications or procedures that were unanticipated? Was there a change of plans (and did someone help the mother to maintain her hypnotic state throughout)?

    We need to remember that each birthing journey is unique and there are many variables within the physical process of giving birth, many variables within each mother’s mental, emotional and physical preparation and her choices along the way.

    Sometimes, when birthing begins intensely and quickly, with the very first birthing waves being intense, a mother can feel like she needs time to “catch up” with what her body is doing. For those mothers, it’s very helpful to have immediate support to begin listening to Deepening and Fear Clearing and then Easy First Stage which is all necessary to actually getting her into hypnosis, deepening her hypnosis and maintaining her hypno-anesthesia so her PEACE cue works immediately.

    I hope this info is helpful to you.
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