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Hypnodoula on 2nd hypnobirth?

I'm a mother of 3, I used hypnobb for the first time with baby #3 and it was amazing... we had had a nurse midwife an a hospital water birth...we are currently expecting baby #4 (due on Nov,5th) but this time we are having in a different hospital, no midwife, no water birth, anyways, I have a bit of anxiety for delivering this baby in a different setting than the last one, in fact it was so amazing that we were planing on having a home birth; however, there are a few health concerns that are coming along during this pregnancy (low platelet count, and possible hemorrhage) and we think is better to be at the hospital
  • Replied by Jenn King Lasek on Wednesday, August 21 2013, 03:01 PM · Hide · #1
    It sounds like having the extra support of a Hypno-Doula at this birth could be a fantastic idea for you. You can find a full listing of certified Hypno-Doulas here: https://hypnobabies.com/find-a-hypno-doula-2/find-a-hypno-doula-2

    If there are no certified Hypno-Doulas currently in your area, you could always connect with a local doula (try searching DoulaMatch.net) and you may find someone who is more than willing to become a Hypno-Doula and help support you. They can order the Hypno-Doula Training Bundle here: https://hypnobabies.com/store/product/53-hypno-doula-training-bundle-with-5-cds

    Good luck!
  • Replied by Magali Mokiao on Monday, August 19 2013, 03:19 PM · Hide · #2
    reason why we are having baby in a different hospital is because our insurance will save us alot, having the baby at the University's Hospital where my husband works
  • Replied by Magali Mokiao on Monday, August 19 2013, 03:17 PM · Hide · #3
    Sorry it was all one message but the page woudnt let me write more :(
    Replied by Magali Mokiao on Monday, August 19 2013, 03:17 PM · Hide · #4
    I have a home study manual (used wi baby #3, and planing on using again, however I was thinking that it would be awesome to maybe have a hypnodoula this time (since my husband doesn't have a clue of whats going on during my hypnosis) and I'm afraid the nurses and Doctors on call might not be as understanding as the ones in the past

    What do you think?
    Has anybody had a hypnoadoula on their second hypnobirth?
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