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I am a first time mom. I am really wanting a completely natural birth and have been looking at hypnobabies home study course as their are no classes offered in my area. Has anyone had success from solely home study ? Any suggestions to aid in my success would be very much appreciated!
  • Replied by Anne Ferguson on Sunday, December 30 2012, 07:40 PM · Hide · #1
    I'm a doula and educator so I haven't been in your shoes but I have attended births with home study families and they have been great! The key is to keep up with your practice and BELIEVE! Also, I would highly recommend hiring a Hypno-doula if you can find one if your area, or see if any doulas in your area are interesting in becoming Hypno-doulas! Best wishes to you!
  • Replied by Jenn King Lasek on Friday, December 28 2012, 08:45 AM · Hide · #2
    Thanks for your input as a Home Study mama Allison! :)

    Shannon, you might want to start reading through the Hypnobabies birth stories (categories all listed on the left-hand side of the site) where you will find *many* fantastic birth stories submitted by home study moms.

    Replied by Allison on Thursday, December 27 2012, 06:16 PM · Hide · #3
    Hi Shannon,

    Congrats on your pregnancy! I decided to use hypnobabies homestudy for my second pregnancy after a very hard birthing time with my first son, which ended in a C-section. I believe the program really helped me have a beautiful and peaceful birth for my son (a VBAC- I just posted my birth story on this site). It boosted my confidence, and I believe helped me dilate to 9cm before I even really believed I was in my birthing time. There were parts of the birth that I would say "hurt" but I wouldn't say any part of it was painful. Like, during the birthing time I remember thinking, "wow, that just hurt!" (in a relatively calm and reflective way)- whereas with my first birth without hypnobabies I was totally consumed by pain. This is not to say that births without hypnobabies have to be painful, but the circumstances of my first birth made it so.

    If I ever get pregnant again I will definitely be using hypnobabies home study. As long as you are dedicated, it will work. Another benefit, which I read somewhere and I think is true, is that with the homestudy, the success of using hypnobabies doesn't necessarily depend on how good the teacher is or how well you connect with the teacher (though I'm sure all teachers are very well trained and great)- it is up to you and depends on how much you practice. Another benefit to the homestudy is that you do it on your own schedule- which was really nice for me since I was so tired for much of my pregnancy and feel that if I had to have gone to classes I might have missed one or two, thus missing key components.

    Practice is key, and it is fun. Having confidence that it will work is also key- this is sometimes hard without having any experience with hypnosis, which I didn't- however I saw that during my birth there were so many things working on the subconscious level that I had trained my body to do through hypnobabies.
    Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy and birth!
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