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Choosing mp3s

Hi All!

I'm trying to figure out which 2 mp3s to choose if I purchase the home study kit that allows you to choose 2 instead of getting the prepackaged one. My question is if I'm going for a VBAC are the VBAC mp3s sufficient or do I still need the "Visualize your Hypnobabies Birth" mp3 that usually comes with the study kit?

  • Replied by Vanessa on Monday, March 25 2013, 11:43 AM · Hide · #1
    Just an update in case anyone is interested...I had left a message with Hypnobabies before I posted here and they got back to me today. They said that if you are planning a VBAC and choosing mp3s that that VBAC bundle is sufficient and that you do not need the "Visualize your Hypnobabies Birth".
    Replied by Jenn King Lasek on Sunday, March 24 2013, 03:00 PM · Hide · #2
    Hi Vanessa,
    I'll need to confirm what the official Hypnobabies recommendation is on this one but I do believe it's suggested that you incorporate both Visualization scripts; alternating with VBAC & the regular one.
    • Vanessa - more than a month ago
      Thanks Jenn!!
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