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Center position Vs. Off

I am really not loving having my light switch in the center position. I keep reading over and over its not about how you "feel" when you do it just that you do it, but man the difference between how I feel with it off and it in the center is night and day!
When it's off and I get deeply into it, I feel like the Cheshire cat. Like a head floating above a bed. When im in the Center position, which I admit I don't practice ofter because I don't care for it, I don't feel like im under hypnosis at all. I have started in the last few days practicing it more because I know it must be important to be in the program but can anyone give me more insight on it? Can I make it through my whole L&D in Off instead of using both? Will it eventually start to feel more like real hypnosis in the center position, if I practice more? It's just giving me a little bit of anxiety. Thank you in advance.
  • Replied by Emily Fish on Wednesday, September 25 2013, 06:27 PM · Hide · #1
    In the track where we created the center switch, it says that from the top of your breasts to the middle of your thighs including your arms are anesthetized. So then when we are practicing, can we move our arms? Because walking around, eating, etc, would include using your arms. And technically your legs are in that "center switch zone" so when walking how do you stay relaxed?
  • Replied by Jenn King Lasek on Tuesday, September 24 2013, 09:18 AM · Hide · #2
    You are absolutely correct in that the Center position on your lightswitch is important to the entire Hypnobabies program. This is what allows you to change positions (important for the position and descent of your baby), eat/drink (very important for maintaining energy), interact with your birth team, move to the place of birth (if out of your home), take showers, baths, get some air (outside), etc, etc, etc.

    Your Center position allows you to do whatever you need during your birthing time *while remaining in deep hypnosis*. If a mom were not to practice or learn her Center switch, it would be very difficult (if not impossible) to stay relaxed/focused/in hypnosis the entire birthing time.

    In my experience as a Hypnobabies Instructor, I have had students express similar thoughts about not 'feeling' as deep whilst in the center - I always explain that hypnosis is not a *feeling*, it is a mental state. It is important to keep practicing; trust me, the more you practice, the more relaxed you will feel and more confident usually too.

  • Replied by Delphine on Wednesday, November 26 2014, 09:59 AM · Hide · #3
    Hi there,
    I have a question and I hope someone out there can help me out!
    Once I have switched the light to the "center" position, that I open my eyes and move, etc... If I close my eyes, does it mean I am back to the "off" position?
    Thanks a lot
  • Replied by Jenn King Lasek on Friday, September 27 2013, 11:53 AM · Hide · #4
    The entire middle part of your body (top of your breasts to the middle of your thighs) is OFF - deeply relaxed. All of those voluntary muscles are quiet and relaxed. You also have powerful anesthesia running through that section of your body. In week 2, your arms also are deeply anesthetized (not off) so you are able to move your arms, you are just practicing concentrating your anesthesia in that area as well.

    And I have had students in the past in my own classes ask the exact questions about moving around while in Center if some of those muscles are off (top of the thighs & hips for example) and I usually explain how we are focusing on the *voluntary* muscles going loose and limp, deeply relaxed. Also, in your scripts you learn how involuntary movements are absolutely fine. Primarily, all the muscles around your baby (uterus, back, pelvic floor) are OFF, deeply relaxed with hypno-anesthesia flowing powerfully throughout the entire middle part of your body easily allowing movement in the rest of your body.

    "And Jenn, you don't think you could make it through your entire labor coming in and out of the off finger drop technique, or just staying in the off position when things get very intense and possible? I think I could handle it all in the off position until it came time for pushing. "

    The Center position on your lightswitch allows you to remain deeply in hypnosis the entire birthing time - no need to come in and out. It can definitely be much more difficult to remain relaxed or maintain the depth of hypnosis and deep relaxation if one were to constantly be coming in and out. As a birth professional (Birth doula, childbirth educator & having worked at a midwifery clinic for a few years) I have never known a mom not want to move during her birth. This is why Hypnobabies is such an amazing program - it has specific hypnosis tools that allow each individual birthing mom to do what feels right for her as her birthing progresses in the moments it feels right AND remain deeply relaxed and in hypnosis the entire time. And most moms in my experience are more than happy to remain deeply in hypnosis while pushing their babies out (and this requires the use of the Center position in order to move into different pushing positions, etc).

    I do understand the "over-thinking" (believe me, I am highly analytical myself) - what really helped me as I started my journey into working with hypnosis (I am also a clinical hypnotherapist) was learning to trust that *my* mind will provide for me exactly what I need. And rather than getting too caught up on analyzing things (remember, this is the part of our minds we want to relax - the subconscious mind, aka the most POWERFUL part, is just a computer and not analytical at all), I just started to trust that I would get/hear/learn what was needed for me.

    Trusting this is key. Commitment to the program is key. And practicing the Hypnobabies program the way it was designed is definitely most important.

    I hope this helps!
    Replied by Tiffani on Thursday, September 26 2013, 11:38 AM · Hide · #5
    Exactly Emily, thats maybe where I am psyching myself out with the use of the Center position. I guess I need to know exactly what I am and am not supposed to be able to move while in the position.

    And Jenn, you don't think you could make it through your entire labor coming in and out of the off finger drop technique, or just staying in the off position when things get very intense and possible? I think I could handle it all in the off position until it came time for pushing. I really think I am just getting closer and freaking myself out, over thinking.
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