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Broken water and moving around?

Hi all!

I am expecting my first (Hypno-)baby very soon, actually my guess date is only 2 weeks away.
Yesterday I was talking to a friend who gave birth in the same hospital I will have to go to and she told me that they broke her water and afterwards she wasn't allowed to stand up from the bed (not even to go to the toilet!!) until her baby was born. The doctors and nurses said that moving around once the water is broken can harm the baby because it is not protected by the waters any more.
I am really worried this could happen to me too, because I consider moving and changing positions very important for a normal birthing. Does anyone know if this is true? Should you really stay in bed if they break your water? Are there any good answers I could give to these nurses in case they tried to convince me it is necessary if it's not? The problem is that for certain reasons I can't change to another hospital right now!
Thanks for your help!
  • Replied by Jenn King Lasek on Thursday, November 22 2012, 11:55 PM · Hide · #1
    Hi Eva,
    I would suggest you review the information in your Hypnobabies materials on "your birthing choices" which covers AROM in the section covering common interventions including the risks and benefits of consenting to AROM.

    It may be helpful for you to do more research as well - HenciGoer.com is a great place to start as well as her book "Obstetrical Myths vs Research Realities".

    As far as your friend being restricted from moving around and confined to her bed -
    I've never heard of this as general policy. I've seen women with ruptured membranes move around during birthing in every birthing setting, under normal circumstances as long as mom and baby are both healthy and low risk. Since I'm a childbirth educator and cannot offer specific medical advice, and you're being told things that concern you about your place of birth and possibly your care provider's approach (I assume you've talked to your own doctor, if different from your friend's, about this?)...in order to reassure yourself that it's safe and helpful to move around after the membranes rupture, you might want to get a second opinion from another prenatal care provider outside of this OB's obstetrical practice, and who also doesn't practice under the same hospital's protocols.

  • Replied by Anne Ferguson on Tuesday, November 27 2012, 09:44 AM · Hide · #2
    Wow that's a new one! Sometimes the water breaks when a mom's birthing time starts, or it can happen any time during the birthing time. Of course she is going to have to move around! Your provider will be monitoring the baby to make sure he/she is doing well, but I have never heard a provider or nurse tell someone they can't move around after their water has broken. Strange!
    Replied by Jill Roser on Saturday, January 19 2013, 03:51 PM · Hide · #3
    Unfortunately, that was the policy in the hospital I delivered my first two children in. Most women do get up and move around even after their water has broken. First, I'd talk to your doctor directly and see if he can give permission to override this policy (possibly after an internal exam ensuring that you don't have a cord prolapse, which I vaguely remember as one of the main reasons they cited as an excuse to keep me in bed). Also, don't let them break your water so you can move around freely without any arguments for as long as possible. I hope you can work with your doctor to get around this "policy!"
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