Moms Forum Discussion about Birth…It Will Be Powerful!

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We just had a lovely discussion on the Hypnobabies Moms Forum about the power of birth. 

T said, “I have been thinking about this for a few weeks. I hope my thoughts come out somewhat clearly (placenta brain and all). I practiced with #2 almost perfectly. I had a pain free birth. It was fast and furious, less than 2 hours. I pretty much started in transition from the get go. I was intimidated and frightened by the POWER I felt. I wasn’t in pain (although I wasn’t completely comfortable because I was overwhelmed). Nothing hurt at all. But it was as if the power of the universe was coursing through my abdomen and I was afraid. Until my dh got to my side and began saying and doing all the right things (about an hour into labor he got home from work) I couldn’t let go.

I just share this little piece with you because I think I somehow missed that it could still be intense and powerful without being painful, and the fear that I had could have turned painful instead of just feeling powerful.”

M responded, “I think that’s a really good description of what it’s like. It actually really amazes me how powerful a birthing woman really is (the trick is to embrace that power rather than fear it, I think).  I consider myself to be …

 pretty physically strong, but my uterus must be the strongest muscle in my body, hands down. :)”

L added, “I have been thinking back to my first birth experience and thinking that if I had been able to relax and recognize the feelings as power instead of discomfort that I would have been able to birth him naturally as well.  After reading your post I am feeling much more relaxed about this birth, knowing that I will CHOOSE to view the feelings as power.”

P then said, “This topic is really something I can identify with. Hypnobabies, for me, was fantastic about helping me overcome my fears around childbirth. My childbirth experience was indeed ‘powerful’ and ‘intense’ but I would not categorize it as ‘painful’. I think overcoming our fears puts us in such a better place to see that childbirth is a normal and natural experience. My daughter was in a bad position and it was a long intense labor. Hypnobabies helped me to relax and handle each wave. But, yes, it was powerful. I think it is important for us to remember that powerful and intense DO NOT mean it has to be painful!”

Followed up by these comments,

“I absolutely love this!”

“Embracing the powerful & intense experience that childbirth is instead of fearing it.”

“The power is within us as a woman’s body is built for it.” 

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