I LOVE this birth story, because it shows how moms can be so powerful during their births!   Mom was induced at 42 weeks, but insisted that the pitocin was turned up slowly and refused to have her water broken.

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First off I have to thank all the wonderful women in this group. Without you and your wonderful stories I don’t think I would have had the confidence to go to the hospital to be induced with pit, and have a beautiful birth.  I was so nervous and upset the few nights before. Your stories gave me the reassurance that I could do this, and I did. Here is our story.

I think overall I let myself be pushed into inducing. We were at the 42wks the Dr. had guessed. My family was all becoming quite impatient and there was a lot of pressure to have her out.  I agreed to be induced and get things started.

The night before I kissed my first child goodnight and tucked him in, in tears. I left him at my MIL’s so we didn’t have to get him up so early the next morning. Friday the 21st at 6 am we were at the hospital. I took a ton of food in with me, because I was not going to do this with no fuel. We got settled, the first nurse got us all checked in did all the paperwork and started the IV. They had a change of shift, so the next nurse, Anna, come-on and she was wonderful.

Anna spoke with us and I told her how things were going to go. To call the doctor if she needed but I was the one birthing a healthy baby, and unless the stats of baby changed, this is what I wanted. She was so cool! I told her we would be doing the pit slowly. I only wanted an increase every 45 min to an hour, not the every 15 the Dr. had ordered. She called the Dr and it was agreed. So off we set.  We had a cervical check and I was barely dilated 2 and my cervix was very posterior.

I had no idea how the pit would work on me and baby so we just waited. Annabella was so squirmy, they couldn’t keep her on the monitors, Anna had to hold them on and move with her. Around 10am my sister arrived. A few hours past and not much was going on. They wanted me to wear O2 for a while, and said baby was accelerating better when it was on. It didn’t bother me so we did.

After awhile the Dr came in and wanted to look for Annabella and when she couldn’t find her well stated the baby was breach and we needed to go have a c-section. I looked at this woman and told her no, baby had not flipped I would have felt it, and I was not getting a c-section today. That if baby had turned, then we would turn off the pit, and I would go see my Chiropractor to help move her around again. I don’t think the Dr liked me. I didn’t care. So she ordered an ultrasound just to see, and I was later told she knew baby was breach and had started the paperwork to send us on.

Annabella was in fact not breech. She was head down just not really engaged. I felt so good knowing I was right. All this happened about 11am. There had been no increase in the pit for awhile, because of the ultrasound, I still wasn’t doing much that I felt anyway. We started upping it again.

During these times since Annabella wasn’t staying on the monitor anyway, I was up. I walked and rolled on the ball. I leaned over the ball to do pelvic tilts. Pretty much anything I wanted. I really enjoyed that.  I was eating and drinking. I was joking and laughing with my sister and husband. At 2pm I declined another cervical check, but was starting to feel some steady waves we started using Hypnobabies. We called my Doula and told her to come on in.

I was standing and rocking my hips back and forth during the waves, and they were nice. Just these waves, they never were uncomfortable. I didn’t feel I needed to go in to off during them so I just stayed in center moving as I felt I needed to. Anna would come in and check baby with a Doppler, and the let us do our thing.

About 4 the Dr was back, she wanted to see where we were so we checked. I was 4cm, and my cervix was no longer posterior, about 70% effaced.

    • The Dr. said I was not where she would like to see me by now. She wanted to break my waters and move things along.


    • I told her no thanks; I felt we were doing fine. Baby was fine, so was I.


    • She didn’t look surprised. She did get quite nasty though, and told me if I didn’t do things the right way this will land in a c-section and was putting myself and child at risk. That she was going off shift and there would be someone else.


    • I came up out of Hypnosis, and the bed, looked her square in the eye and told her that my child in fine.


    • I am not having a c-section to please her that if she had not noticed this was MY birth. I was the one doing things, until someone can show me that my child was unsafe I would do this all night if needed.  That was the RIGHT way.


    • Also that it was a good thing that she was going off shift, because she was fired. I didn’t want her back in my room. I didn’t need any one in there being negative. I was sure there were other people around who could catch this child, and if not I would do it myself.


    • She left the room in a quick hurry, and as I turned around again, my husband and everyone including the nurse were all just kind of staring at me.


My husband was stunned, and asked if I could do that, firing the Dr. I told him I didn’t care if I could or not, she wasn’t coming back to my room. Anna asked to get baby back on the monitor for a few, and as I lay down and got all adjusted, she said she had not liked the Dr. either.  I don’t know how things happened from there, but another Dr. came in and introduced himself about 45 min. later and was way more respectful than that woman had been.

We continued, at 7pm the waves were more intense and almost on top of one another. My Doula suggested I get in the shower to help, we did, and it didn’t really help much. I started to shake and shiver but I wasn’t cold. I vomited all over, and then with the next wave I felt pushy. soon there after my waters broke during one of the pushy waves.

**BOP** I have read other people say that it was pushing that was most intense and they were unprepared for. I agree. At some point I stopped using Hypnobabies, and it hurt. My body had taken over, I had no choice but to push. I was on my hands and knees, but that wasn’t working for me. I rolled to my back, someone held my legs, and she came.  I now know what the ring of fire is. **BOP**

Annabella was born at 8:06pm 7lbs 10oz. 21 inches long.  She cried for a bit but was so awake and alert. She is just perfect. She latched on and nursed minutes after birth. I am so happy with this birth. I did it the way I wanted even if it didn’t start the way I choose. I wish the dr had been more supportive. But you can’t have it all.


  • I don’t know this woman, but wow! I am SO proud of you! Congratulations!!!

  • WAY TO GO MAMA!!! Now if more women would stand up for themselves and do this. WE are in control of our experience. The doctors, midwives and doulas we hire are our CONSULTANTS. Don’t give your power away, consult with the experts, but trust your body, your baby.

  • I am so proud of you!!!! If more women could have the courage as you did, then we wouldn’t be having as many issues with controling doctors and hospitals.

    GOOD FOR YOU!!!!

  • Way to go! You showed a lot of courage to fire that doctor, and you were even in labor when you did it! What a great role model. 🙂 I hope more people will stand up for their beliefs like you have done. I loved reading this birth story. Thanks!

  • This is by far the most amazing and inspiring birth story I have ever heard! Way to go!!! Ladies, it is YOUR birth and you have the right (legally and ethically) to determine who provides you with care and what your care will or will not include. Educate yourselves and own your decisions! Awesome, just awesome!

  • Awesome birth story. I will share with all my friends. I wish that they understood that their care providers are under their control, not the other way around.

  • Girl power! You & Annabella did it. Mama’s & babies do know best

  • Glad this birth is getting recognition via the blog so that it can, in turn, inspire other families to have triumphant and family centered experiences in spite of the induction seduction.
    Abrazos, Joni

    What was Annabella’s gestational age determined to be?

  • Yay!! You are the true meaning of Mama Goddess! Good job!

  • Awesome story, I love how you put your balls to the wall and told them how it was going to go. Having birth “your way” is seen as a privilege, not a right, but that is backwards. I hope many, many women are inspired by your story, and many care providers understand their role as “provider”, not dictator.

  • I wish I could have had the kind of courage, I don’t possess much power when in labour and hate confrontation.
    I decided to have a homebirth to avoid it. Though I am inspired by this story, its fantastic.

  • oh WOW, good on YOU lady! i did something similar in my first birth – when dr was telling me i needed to start thinking about a csec, i asked him: “are you MEDICALLY WORRIED for my baby?” “ummm no.” “are you MEDICALLY WORRIED for me?” “well, ummmmmmmm, no.” “ok then, i’m fine, baby’s fine, i DO NOT HAVE to think about a csec, thank you.”

    good for you for your strength during that time, it’s just sad that women have to SHOW that strength, when really, it should be support that we get.

    i’m SO proud of you!

  • Wow, so happy for you and proud of you, even though I don’t know you :o) Way to stand up for yourself and your baby.

  • Awesome birth story, you go Mama for sticking to your guns!!

  • What an awesome story….so amazing and strong you were!!

    What is sad to me, though, is that women often have to fight for the birth they want. This is such a wrong situation.

  • What a great birth story!! Well done you xxx

  • this is amazing..i wish i had this “control” of my first birth! my child was breech and my midwife wanted to deliver her but the doctors stepped in and scared the crap out of me! told me i could kill my baby if i pushed-how nice is that! way to go! i am please my 2nd delivery was natural-and i hope that my 3rd will be hospital free and MY WAY!

  • Good on ya girl! If only more women were educated enough to stand up for themselves and their babies 🙂 xx

  • You are such an inspiring mama! Great that you stood up for yourself and put that Dr in her place!!

    I do find it a terrible shame though to be reminded how twisted the maternity system is and how Drs play a role which is NOT thiers ie GOD!

  • Good for you!

    I’ve often wondered what would happen if a woman in labor just stood up in the middle and said, “Well then, I’m just going to leave now and have this baby at home if you won’t listen to what I want.”

    It almost makes me want to have a hospital birth again just to see. Almost. 🙂

  • WHAT is Hypnobabies? I’m intrigued!!

  • What an AWESOME birth story!! Oh, this is so going on my list of favorites… you go mama!!!

  • I am so glad your baby was born healthy with no complications. My baby was 41 weeks and I was glad the doctor insisted on a c-section. My baby was in the correct postion and fully engaged and even with the c-section has cerebral palsy and severe epilepsy from the cord being wrapped and my placenta giving out from being over-due. I wish I could have gone through labor and had a typical child, but after my experience, I wouldn’t even think of not being at the hospital with a trained doctor and all the necessary equipment needed. My child almost died. I am grateful for modern medicine and for my beautiful daughter, who will be with me her entire life.

  • Way to go mama! It is so hard to trust your body when you have doctors making threats like that. I am happy you got the birth you wanted. Congrats!

  • Tora Spigner
    June 3, 2010 7:56 pm

    Excelent job, that is my job as the nurse in this story. I consider it my job to keep my patient’s out of the operating room. I have been the nurse for many women who have shown this type of courage and maternal instinct. Kudos to you and your amazing story. We can make it happen for more women if they stand up for themselves!

  • Thank you so much for sharing your story. I was in much the same position at 41 wks, being threatened to be induced by my Dr. I disliked, and I too reminded her who’s birth this was. I think your story is a great inspiration to women to take back the power. Only you and Anabella knew when she was ready to come into the world. Way to go on protecting your daughter’s well being and having the beautiful birth experience you deserved.

  • Hypnobabies is a childbirth education program that combines the power of awesome childbirth education with the awesome power of hypnosis! Giving moms tools to stay calm and comfortable during their birth. http://www.hypnobabies.com/mylink.php?id=3834 explains a bit more! 🙂

  • Your story made me teary eyed and put the biggest smile on my face. As a previous L&D nurse, and mother to a little boy (born naturally), and soon to be mom to a baby girl, most women don’t know they can control their labors like that. Docs can be fired and women can call the shots, you proved that! You’re awesome!

  • Kari Spruyt
    June 3, 2010 11:39 pm

    You Go, Lady!!! You’re awesome!

  • WOW! You are awesome and a inspiration for any woman going into a hospital birth! Women every where need to WAKE UP and realize that they DO have this POWER of their birthing experience!

  • Wonderfully inspiring! Thank you for speaking your truth and sharing your story!

  • This is a great story!

    Can someone tell me what BOP stands for, though?

  • Awesome, mama. I actually cried a bit. I wish I were as strong as you…what an inspiration.

  • Good for you young woman.You make me proud of all the lecturing and coaching and bribing i have done to get ideas of childbirth truth out and about into the mindset of america for the past 35 years…
    You rock.And just think of the wonderful thing you did for her daughter. you changed childbirth for her forever by being in charge of her birth. brava brava!

  • fan-freakin’-tastic! you are my hero! what a great birth story, i love it! you rock momma.

  • Now I may be wrong, but seems to me that your baby would have had CP & Epilepsy regardless of your c-section.

    It sounds like her conditions occurred due to cord issues & placental issues…NOT because if you had chosen an elective c-section at a previous time it would have eliminated these medical issues.

    I am sorry you did not get the birth experience you had wished for, but your story is like comparing apples to oranges in this instance?

  • Excellent job mama! After 2 full medical intervention births, 2 partial medical intervention births, my last child came into the world on his own when he was ready with just a smidge of prodding from my OB (she broke my water…I was already in a steady pattern of ctx anyway) and then my OB left us alone until I was ready to push!

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    June 4, 2010 1:13 pm

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  • You were brilliant!! This makes my day! I wish more couples/women would fire their OBs.

    Good for you!

  • Love the story! Nothing beats a happy ending. 🙂

  • BOP stands for Bubble of Peace. Moms who use Hypnobabies create a Bubble of Peace which helps keep a positive mind set about birth. So in this case she was warning moms to use their Bubble of Peace as she talked about something that some moms might find negative about birth.

  • Thank you for sharing your story. This is just the encouragement I need at 40 weeks. My little one is head down but still riding high and flipping right and left like an acrobat. It may take awhile, but I am now supported in my intuition that he/she will come when she is good and ready.

  • Congratulations on your beautiful birth! I love the power you displayed! I too had a hypnobabies induction and it went very, very well. I think it’s important to share stories of non-epidural inductions. It was hearing of a few moms that had done it that kept me from freaking out when mine became necessary.

    Enjoy your new bundle of joy!

  • WOW! What a powerful mama bear! I LOVE this story. Thank you for posting, Sheridan. Thank you, wonderful, empowered mama for sharing! Way to trust your instincts and take charge.

    More women need to trust in their bodies’ and kick providers out who aren’t supportive. Certainly many times the suggested interventions are medically necessary but obviously in this case the doc was WAY OFF, the mom was confident and stood her ground. Keep spreading the word to empower other women to stand up for their rights!

    Much gratitude!

  • I can’t believe it – I thought I was probably the only woman who had ever ordered a doctor out of the room – it is so nice to read your story! Good for you, strong mama! If more of us did this, obstetrics would look a lot different!

  • I am so glad to have found this and read it. Thank you so much for sharing it. I am inspired.

  • I think what she is saying is that although a natural birth is ideal, she would not want to have her baby at home because baby would have most likely died if he had been born at home. without the c-section, the complications and conditions could have been much worse.

  • YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Good for you ~ taking the power and birthing your baby your way!!!

  • Only a Hypnobabies Mom could be this AWESOME! From one Hypno-mom to another, you GO MAMA! Congratulations on YOUR birth, YOUR way! Birth matters!

  • You are an inspiration!! Why don’t ALL mamas realize they are the customer?

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  • Hahahaha! Wow. I don’t think I’d have that kind of guts with my plumber, let alone a doctor. GOOD FOR HER for doing what was right for her and her baby.

  • Don’t stand between a strong mother and her baby! Going slowly and avoiding pain medication was the best thing you could have done for the two of you – it’s so sad to see the pitocin/c-section path forced upon mothers. Congrats!

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  • Tonya Pierce
    June 8, 2010 9:04 pm

    I hope everyone who visits this site read your story as a testament to the strength that lies within all of us! You are an amazing person-THANK YOU for sharing your story!

  • Tonya Pierce
    June 8, 2010 10:00 pm

    I LOVE this mag and I cannot wait to see this story in one of the issues! For all of you out there reading this please take a look at this magazine-it keeps you informed about your choices as natural parents postpartum just like Hypnobabies does before and during birthing.

  • I love this story, but it also makes me extremely angry that this is what we’re up against when we try to have a baby these days! I had a c-section for my first baby, followed by a beautiful HBAC, and my doc was similarly offensive with me that first time as well. Why do they immediately go to “well, this could end up as a c-section!”? It’s so inappropriate!

    Congrats on hanging tough. That is one challenging thing to do! Good work!

  • That’s awesome!! I only wish I had been that ballsy with my second baby. I really wanted to fire mine so bad!!

  • That was Great!! I am so happy you stood up for yourself like that!! That was such an inspiring story! Thanks for sharing! Congrats to you!!

  • Amazing, wonderful story. Thank’s for sharing it. I love hearing about women taking their power for the good of our babies and our world.

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  • The first doctor sounded EXACTLY like the doctor on call when I went into labor with my first. She was lucky she was going off shift, too.

    I admire you, and I will remember this story during my next (third) childbirth, whenever that may be.

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  • Good for you momma! Maybe you want a homebirth next time and avoid the pressure from the start. But I admire how you handled this situation. I am a midwife and, in case someone didn’t mention in the other comments, wanted to tell you that many other people have tried this and have learned the hard way that hospitals can get court orders to force a c/s upon you…quite quickly, in fact. It is an unfortunate and infuriating reality. So happy that this didn’t happen to you, strong momma! No baby should be rushed unless there is a true medical necessity. Sadly, many parents don’t feel empowered enough to trust themselves to know the difference.

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  • What an inspiring story! Thank you for changing the history of birth.

  • Lily Bhavani
    July 29, 2010 10:49 pm

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring story with us all. More women need to remember that when you go to hospital for your birth, you DO NOT check your power at the door!! Your babe will thank you…

  • You are an awesom, amazing woman! Brava!!!

    There will come situations in your life when you’ll say, “I birthed Annabelle, I can surely do this.” And you’ll be right, because if you can do what you did during labor, you can handle anything life throws at you from here on out.

  • “Who’s your DADDY, OB Doctor!! Spank, Spank!!”

    Bravo!! I am flying after reading this. Many hugs BRAVE SMART MOMMA!!!!

  • I was wondering if I might share you story with my clients and pupils?

    I am a Doula, primarily a Homebirth Doula, and Natural Childbirth Advocate (Childbirth Educator) in New Jersey.

  • Yes, just tell them it came from the Hypnobabies Blog! 🙂

  • You are an inspiration and I am going to show this article to my husband – I had a hideous forced caesarean that left me with severe PND and PTSD. My OB was ghastly and it has taken me 5 years to even consider falling pregnant again. Well done!

  • whoa!! I want you if I have to go to the hospital. You were great!! Congrats!! Seriously, and doctors would quit treating people that way, if more of their patients stood up to them that way!! So proud of you!!

  • Wonderful story=) Don’t know the mom, but I am proud of her! What an amazing woman to stand up for herself and her baby.
    (Too many doctors love to cut :/ )

    Well done! 😀

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  • You can make sure I will!!!

    Just wish I had heard stories like this BEFORE everything I went though in to hospital – now I just birth at home 🙂

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