Mira’s Hypnobabies Home Waterbirth

Hypno mom in birth tub with newborn kissing birth partner

Mira’s Hypnobabies Home Waterbirth

“I’m so thankful for Hypnobabies! It gave me so much rest, peace and confidence during my pregnancy (especially during this crazy time!) And was so helpful during both births that we used it for! The fact that I made it to 7cm and still was thinking, “hmm is it realllly my birthing time?” is a big deal!”

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Born a week before his guess date on June 4th at 12:35 am. 8 pounds 10 ounces and 20.5 inches of pure squishy newborn baby bliss!

It’s taken me a couple of months to write this birth story. Nekoda is my third baby and second hypno-baby! Both of my births before this one I didn’t have any waves (Hypnobabies term for contractions) before my actual birthing time (Hypnobabies term for labor)! I had the tightening but not any actual distinguishable birthing waves. With Nekoda I had them on and off after 35 weeks! It gave me a lot of opportunities to practice going into hypnosis during a wave as I could actually feel them coming about 30 seconds before they began. I also started seeing a chiropractor and that seemed to make them less frequent.

4 nights before my birthing time I woke up at midnight and had 4 hours of consistent birthing waves. I was excited and figured it was time but didn’t wake my hubby up and just listened to the tracks and laid in bed. I eventually fell asleep and woke up with no waves! The next night I took magnesium and a warm Epsom salt bath and was able to sleep. Then I had another night of waves, increasing in intensity and getting closer together. I listened to the tracks and tried to rest. I eventually fell asleep and when I woke up, they had stopped again! I had a good cry because I was tired and my 3 and 6-year-old needed me and I just felt a little discouraged.

That night I had the same thing, but they didn’t go away! So, at 8 am I texted my friends to come help with my 2 sweet girls so I could just relax and be in my own space. Then the waves spaced out to 10 and even 15 minutes apart! This whole time they were very doable especially with my hypnosis tools. I was listening to the early birthing time tracks and was able to rest or laugh and talk between waves but the being tired and still not knowing how long it would go on was challenging. I tearfully told my friends they had better go home and rest up in case it went into the night.

I was able to eat a good lunch and the waves continued in such an irregular way! Some would be 3 minutes apart lasting a minute then a 10-minute break! Our midwife said just to do what we would normally do so we went for a walk-in center switch (Hypnobabies tool for being in hypnosis with eyes open) and had to stop every 15 or 20 feet for a new wave. Still very gentle and manageable. We came home and I decided to rest with the peanut ball between my legs and have 5 waves laying on my right side, 5 on my left etc. for about an hour. It really seemed to pick things up quickly and I was vocalizing by the end of that hour. My husband came and helped me to the bathroom, and we timed some waves. They were still so inconsistent, but many were 2 minutes apart then one was 6 minutes long!

We asked the midwife to just come and check. I was still in denial that this was my birthing time, I even told her if I’m not dilated at all please lie to me and tell me I’m at least at 3😂🙈 She was like, “I’m not going anywhere you’re 7 cm dilated!” This was at about 9:00 pm. I called my friends to come back and our doula and birth photographer. She started setting up the birthing tub. I was feeling a little nauseous, so our doula had me smelling peppermint oil while my husband pressed my forehead for the Relax hypnosis cue (Hypnobabies cue to deepen hypnosis). We kept the Easy First Stage track (Hypnobabies main birthing hypnosis track) on. I got into the tub and it felt so good but then I guess I was in transformation (Hypnobabies term for transition) and I felt I just couldn’t get a break!

With my second birth I didn’t push at all, my baby just came out still in the caul! It felt like that same fetal ejection reflex was starting to happen but like my body was fighting it. It felt very weird and I said a couple of times, “I can’t do it!” because I didn’t want to be fighting it and wasn’t doing it consciously but couldn’t stop.  I decided to get out of the tub and see if a new position would help. The midwife checked me because she wanted to see what was going on (so did I) and there was a lip of cervix still there. It made me feel better to know (be reminded) that my body knew what it was doing! I got back into the tub and had a few more powerful transformation waves and threw up a few times then merciful Lord a break for about ten minutes!

Then a new kind of birthing wave started that I recognized as my baby starting to come out. These actually felt so manageable and I no longer felt the desire or need to vocalize. It felt good to get my hips as open as I could and sink really low into the tub. I could reach down and feel his head making progress after each one. It wasn’t pushing just feeling and making space for my body to do the work. Then I felt this huge pop! It was my water breaking and all of a sudden, the whole weight of him just shot into my birthing canal and it was very intense. I almost couldn’t control it, but I had such a great birthing team they reminded me to slow it down and wait for another wave. I was yelling at this point because it’s such a powerful pressure sensation! The next wave his head was halfway out, and I could reach down and feel his hair and my husband’s hand because he saw him and was doing the same. The wave after that it came all the way out and the wave after that his whole body came out and my husband caught him in the water and yelled, “It’s our baby boy!!!” We had waited to find out. He was so beautiful! He peed in the tub right away and we just held him and rubbed him.

Then I went from the tub to the bed and he latched like a champ and started nursing right away. I birthed the placenta quickly and easily! With my first 2 it took a while to come out and the midwife ending up having us cut the cord to help it come out. I had so wanted to leave it attached for a couple hours and get a picture with it attached and we were able to! Our friends brought our sleepy girls in (they wanted to wake up to meet him) and we had the sweetest postpartum time. My older daughter was really fascinated by the placenta and cutting the cord. The midwife’s assistant and our doula made me a placenta smoothie and we saved the rest to encapsulate. It really does help so much postpartum and they put such a little bit you can’t taste a thing🤷‍♀️

Anyway, I’m so thankful for Hypnobabies! It gave me so much rest, peace and confidence during my pregnancy (especially during this crazy time!) And was so helpful during both births that we used it for! The fact that I made it to 7 cm and still was thinking, “hmm is it realllly my birthing time?” is a big deal! Also being at home was so much more peaceful. I’m thankful because this may be our last babe and I feel like I got everything I had really ever wanted to experience with a birth. Even as I said, “I can’t do it” I knew that I would. I knew that, “Each wave ALWAYS reaches the shore!” And God had given me a verse for this birthing time, and it was exactly the one I would need. “Do I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery??” Isaiah 66:7-9 I walked away from this birth as I did from my other 2 bowing to the supreme miracle of birth and to the strength and power of all women everywhere. I have never felt so connected to all my sisters as I have since going through that portal. We are awesome! All that to say you can do it mamas!!! And you have the love, power and strength of all the mamas that have gone before you. You are more than you know.

Edit to add he totally had a nuchal hand and the cord wrapped around his neck and it was no problem! The midwife unwrapped it before I even knew.
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