Melissa’s Hypnobabies VBAC Hospital Birth

Melissa’s Hypnobabies VBAC Hospital Birth

“When my wave (contraction) started, I would imagine pouring bright orange hypno-anesthesia (Hypnobabies technique for creating comfort) over my head and it would pour down, wrap around my belly, seep in my pores, go down my upper legs and then up inside and all around all of my birthing muscles. This worked. Seriously. I almost couldn’t believe it but, it worked!”

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I first want to say that My husband was amazing. He didn’t do any of the partner prep but was still by my side the entire time. He got me water, did the Peace cue (Hypnobabies cue for instant physical comfort), and reassured me with kind words. Anything I needed, he got it and each time I looked up, he was there. It was exactly what I needed.

I had been having waves (Hypnobabies word for contraction) for two days at home that were pretty constant but not a good pattern. I had thought each time that it would be it for sure and then they would slow.

The morning of my doctor appt, I got up after having waves 15 min apart all night, they stopped around 5 and then at 7 am started again 7 minutes apart. I sent my husband to work because the day before he had stayed home (we just knew it was going to be that day and it wasn’t). I didn’t want him missing another day when we really didn’t know if was going to continue or if I would be pregnant another week. By time I got to my doctor appointment they were 5 minutes apart. He checked me at a 4 cm and 70%. We discussed that I would go home for a few hours and then come in to the hospital if they continued.

When I got home, I was sure that this was the day as they were growing in intensity and getting closer. I called Chase and told him to head home. I was so so exited! Finally, I was going to meet my baby! And I felt so ready after all of my practice that I just couldn’t wait to use all of my tools. I had some lunch and then I laid down to rest. My husband and I agreed that it would be best to be gone before our 2yr old woke up from his nap and the other kids got home from school. So, he ran me a bath and I got in to relax for a bit before we left.

We got checked in at 2:00 pm and waves were about 3 minutes apart. They checked me at a 5 and 80%. I was in a good state of hypnosis, going Off (Hypnobabies technique for being in deep hypnosis) for waves and switching to Center (Hypnobabies technique for being in hypnosis with your eyes open) in between to visit with the staff and Chase and my mom. I kept thinking that I was having the most interesting pressure in the back of my hips. The pressure wrapped up and around both hips differently than I had ever felt before. When my wave started, I would imagine pouring bright orange hypno-anesthesia (Hypnobabies technique for creating comfort) over my head and it would pour down, wrap around my belly, seep in my pores, go down my upper legs and then up inside and all around all of my birthing muscles. This worked. Seriously. I almost couldn’t believe it, but it worked!

The times when I wasn’t “ready” for the wave to start and wasn’t properly using my light-switch and directing the anesthesia, it was much more difficult to get through. When I did use it all properly, it was soo doable and much more of just pressure. They monitored baby and waves for 30 minutes and I got my hep lock (by the anesthesiologist) which was great because it was in my upper arm which was nice when I was in the tub because I could use both hands in the water if I needed. the nurse then said I could get in the tub.

The tub was amazing. It provided so much relief, taking weight off and the warmth just felt so good and added to my relaxation. I stayed in for about an hour and a half and then got out for a short time and went back into the tub when things were getting more intense for a few more hours. At this point, I kept my headphones in and was staying in a good stream of hypnosis or what I call “my zone”. As waves intensified, I (automatically) started repeating words that were said in the tracks and also the steps of pouring hypno-anesthesia. This helped.

The waves were coming very quickly, and I wasn’t getting much of a break. After I directed the anesthesia, I would make a low awww sound through the peak of the wave and then picture riding it back into shore where I could rest on the beach. I was feeling nauseous and a bit shaky. And started feeling exhaustion creeping in. I wondered if I was entering transformation and I think that my nurse did too because she came in and asked me to get out, so she could check me because I couldn’t have the baby in the tub (hospital policy). When I did get out, there were lots of nurses getting the room prepped. She checked me, and I was a 6. I was so upset with that. I think everyone was surprised. My mom and Keli came over and rubbed my feet in between waves and it was very soothing. I really appreciated that.

That pressure in my back had now spread and I felt as though counter pressure might help. I had my husband squeeze my hips for a few waves and then the nurse showed him how to push right above my tail bone and that was okay, so I just had him keep doing that. I was on my knees facing the back of the bed put upright and I would lean over the bed and hold the bar behind the bed while he put the pressure on my low back. The pressure was everywhere but the part in my low back and hips was getting to me. My vocals got louder. I was having a very hard time relaxing and pretty much lost focus. I was so grateful for the time in between waves which was now longer than when I was in the tub, but I wasn’t prepared each time the next one came. The nurse suggested a different position and had me sit on the bed with my knees up and she and my husband would push my feet in towards me during the waves. This was another way to help counter the pressure in my back.


The doctor came in and when he checked me, there hadn’t been a change from the last check an hour earlier. I opted for him to break my water, hoping that might help things along. There wasn’t much fluid which we knew from my ultrasound earlier that day. But it was crazy how little there was. He took over for the nurse, holding my leg to help with counter pressure. I was telling them more, more and even though I couldn’t see strait, I could tell they were giving it all they had. So was I.

I didn’t  know how much longer I could do it. I kept thinking that if things were progressing it would be one thing but with there being no change, I didn’t know if my energy and my body could do anymore. I was shaking, nauseous, and the waves were just too much to do for an undetermined amount of time. I asked for the epidural. The doctor questioned me because he knew how much I wanted the unmedicated birth. He looked at my husband and I said, not his decision! It’s mine and I want it!

For a minute I had a feeling of failure but then I reminded myself of the main goal, first healthy baby, and second, to have a successful VBAC. Then I started to worry about not progressing and needing a cesarean. I did NOT want that. I told everyone in the room (most of them sleeping) to pray with all they had that the baby could get into the right position so that my body could do the work to get him out, so I wouldn’t need a c-section. And I prayed hard!

I could feel a couple spots that were not getting medicine, almost like something was being pinched. I kept saying that I needed to be turned or something. They didn’t want to turn me for fear that the medicine would not get to that side but once they finally did, about 2 am, the baby moved from where he was and that is when things started moving forward. The peanut ball was placed between my legs and it was very comfortable. We all visited lightly for an hour and then when I started to feel pushy pressure, a nurse came in and said that my doc and nurse were in an emergency c-section and that we needed to wait a little longer. She checked me and said I was complete and took the peanut ball attempting to close my legs. That didn’t feel good, but I did want my doctor and with the epidural, it wasn’t bad, just a weird pressure.

The doctor and nurse came in and as soon as my legs were up in the stirrups, he was crowning and with the “practice push,” his head came half out so the doctor stepped over and with the next push he slid all the way out at 4:03 am. He was beautiful! I immediately said it was all worth it. He cried loudly and really looked great. He was placed right on my belly and I got to snuggle him for few minutes while the cord stopped pulsing. Chase cut the cord and then I had them take him for weight and to clean up and get warm. He was already pooping and peeing everywhere haha. He weighed 9 lbs 3.8oz and was 20.5 inches long.

I loved my entire experience with Hypnobabies. It gave me a much more positive end of pregnancy. I learned so much about my body and my mind and how powerful our thoughts are. I so much enjoyed each track and the way that it helped me relax during pregnancy and birth. My birth was different than I expected but I have no regrets and wouldn’t change a thing. It is a very big victory that I had the patience to make it to 40w 5d and that I got the VBAC I hoped for! And the biggest victory and blessing of all is this beautiful healthy baby boy that My Heavenly Father has given me. I feel so completely blessed. With this being my last baby, I am trying to enjoy every tiny moment with him.