Maizy’s Beautiful Hypnobabies Birth…”It was amazing to me!”

Maizy’s Beautiful Hypnobabies Birth…”It was amazing to me!”

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You will love reading this fantastic hospital birth story! Our Hypno-Mom has a great nurse, uses the tub and her hubby is great at helping her with Hypnobabies cues and techniques. There are many excellent photos that show her using Hypnobabies, and she just loved it.

Maizy’s Beautiful Hypnobabies Birth with great pictures.

We dropped Croix back off at our neighbors and headed to the hospital at 7:30. On the drive I put my head phones and listened to one of the Hypnobabies tracks. This really helped me to stay relaxed on the drive. When we got there I walked up the registration and said “hi! we’re here to have a baby!” She asked if we were there for a scheduled induction or C-section. I didn’t realize at the time why she had asked that but thinking about it now I’m sure it’s because I didn’t look like the average woman “in labor”. I was calm, smiling and most important, not in pain. She then asked if I was having contractions and I told her yes, every few minutes, with a smile. Since we had just been there the night before going through registration was much quicker then the last time. I found it easy to stay relaxed as a pressure wave would come I’d put my light switch in the off position, breath, back to center and continue what I was doing. In triage they checked me, I was at 5.5 cm! I was excited. We were getting closer to meeting our baby! After 20 minutes on the NST they took us to our room where they had the tub all ready for me. A little after we got to our room Maria the midwife came and checked in on us and asked how we were doing and asked if we needed anything. I told her everything was great! She told us if we needed anything just to let the nurse know and she’d be right there.

We met our nurse Angie, she was great. She said to me, “I’ve never done a Hypnobabies birth before so I’m sorry if I say the wrong thing”. I said to her, I’ve never done a Hypnobabies birth either, we’ll do great together! The tub was awesome! So comfortable and relaxing. I was able to enjoy my birthing time with out any IV’s and only intermittent monitoring. To do the monitoring the nurse would just bring a dopler over and listen to Maizy’s heart beat before, through and after a pressure wave. I was able to stay in the tub for that which was great! She did that about every 30 minutes. The nurse had to put on these hilarious gloves that went clear up to her armpit every time she monitored me. For some reason it reminded me of a Veterinarian delivering a horse, or elephant or cow or some huge animal!

We were talking and joking and enjoying our selves the whole time.  When a pressure wave would come, I’d just turn off my light switch, focus and then go back to the conversation.  There were a couple times when someone was talking to me when a pressure wave would come and I tried to talk to them rather then turning off my light switch.  Those couple times I felt my body start to tense up and as soon as I turned my light switch off, I’d relax and be much more comfortable.  It was amazing to me!  I also used my peace cue and that was very  effective and helpful in staying calm and relaxed.
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