M.D. Gives Birth with Hypnobabies:  “I’m the first physician in a long time to arrive fully dilated with a first baby”

Hypnobabies Instructor, Jenn King Lasek who teaches Hypnobabies Classes in Vancouver BC, Canada shares this birth story with us, from a mom that is also a physician!

My birthing time started on my guess date. By suppertime that day, I started listening to the early birth time CDs (the fear clearing one first really helped set a positive tone). Í had a wonderful team at home with my hubby and my sister (who is also a doula). She had purchased the doula workbook from the Hypnobabies website and it was so useful for getting her familiar with the approach.

Using the CDs, the exercise ball and the bathtub– things progressed smoothly and (by my definition) quickly. When we arrived at the hospital at 3am, I was fully dilated! Apparently, I’m the first physician in a long time to arrive fully dilated with a first baby– way to go Hypnobabies!

The staff were great & very supportive of our approach. My GP was amazing– fully on board with Hypnobabies and she was with us continuously from our arrival at the hospital until we welcomed our sweet pea (thankfully without the need of any interventions).

A special thank you to Jenn– HypnoMammas (Hypnobabies) had an incredibly positive effect on my pregnancy, our birthing experience and life in general (I even used some of the tools last night to fall back to sleep after a particularly activating middle-of-the-night feeding!). We plan to use the program again if we are lucky enough to have another pregnancy and we’ve recommended HypnoMammas to many expecting couples.