Lydia’s Hypnobabies Hospital VBAC Induction

Hypno-mom Smiling and holding newborn

Lydia’s Hypnobabies Hospital VBAC Induction

“I asked my husband to put on the final track, Pushing Baby Out (Hypnobabies track for pushing) and finally reluctantly moved to my back and continued. Dr came into the room casually chatting about her commute to the hospital and looks at me and is like Oh that’s a baby’s head!!”

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My first was induced at 39 weeks. As soon as I started Pitocin and had very minor waves (Hypnobabies term for contractions) my son’s heart rate dropped. They asked if we could just squeeze me into a c-section. I had zero plan or expectation. We had been there for a few days trying to get a good bishop score before Pitocin that wasn’t taking. This wasn’t considered an emergency, but I trusted my doctor.

This second pregnancy gave me a lot of anxiety. My OB was retiring a month before I was expecting, and I had to switch doctors at 32 weeks. And Covid 19 brought a lot of uncertainty. I wanted some plan.

Going through Hypnobabies was transformational. I learned so much that has given me a plan, confidence, and relief.

Hypno-mom Smiling and holding newbornFor a VBAC I was told for better success rate they wanted me to induce at latest 41 weeks. Learning the information, I started to believe that my first had negative reaction to Pitocin, and the worry started to creep in. We scheduled my 41-week appointment Thursday and my induction that Friday. At my 41-week appointment they hooked me up to a monitor to listen to baby. Not loving her heart rate they asked me to not leave (doctor is in the same building as L&D) and I’d be induced a day early.

They were very supportive about avoiding Pitocin if we could help it. I asked about foley balloon first and I got very positive responses. This is me advocating for myself. Husband got our 3-year-old situated and was with me in an hour. We had the foley balloon in for 12 hours and it started mild birth waves but by morning they dissipated. I had been 6.5cm dilated and my cervix though was very high and thick. I listened to the Birthing Day Affirmations and Easy First Stage track (Hypnobabies main birthing time track) waiting for things to pick up. My nurse was very supportive, and each one hand picked her replacements to keep the natural mindset in place.

They suggested if we wanted to keep away from Pitocin, they could break my water and see if this starts things up again. My husband and I took a moment and decided we would break the water and if this doesn’t progress, we would then move to Pitocin. I was starting to become very disappointed. We’d been in the hospital for 24 hours now and nothing seemed to progress after the water broke. I forgo a check and we finally move to Pitocin. The first hour I was receiving slowly stronger birth waves, I’d pause and Peace cue (Hypnobabies cue for instant physical comfort) through them. Once out I’d continue my conversation happily and excited that this was starting! Birthing Day affirmations were playing in the background.

About an hour 1/2 later my waves were picking up and were harder for me to focus. My nurse was coming in every 30 min to check and up the dose if she thought I was doing well. She wanted to go slow but keep them between 2 min apart and I was around 3. I asked her to keep it where it was at. She did up it the second time she came in but moved it down once they were too close to give me and baby break between, since baby’s heart was starting to dip a little.

My husband was talking me through cues. My nurse came in and stayed for the rest of birthing time (Hypnobabies term for labor) she was a godsend. She showed my husband where and how to rub my back, showed me positions I could try during my waves. I was having a very hard time staying in hypnosis. My husband cued me but only through my waves. I asked to put on Easy First Stage aloud. This helped me stay calm between waves. I started feelings small pushing urge and asked to be check. I was also starting to feel I wouldn’t be able to continue.

Still 6.5 cm dilated 😫 but my cervix was fully effaced. 3 waves later I was standing at the side of the bed fully pushing. I asked to be check again and if I wasn’t ready, I’d like an epidural. (my husband said the nurse looked at him like “nope that’s not happening, it’s time.” and started making calls) I got into the bed to be checked and in the middle of a wave on my hands and knees I was like what’s that?? that feels like baby!!! My nurse said that’s because it is!

They wanted me to move to my back. I didn’t want to at all. But at this point it was just nurses. The 2 doctors there were busy. I was told another doctor on call would arrive in 10 min. I laughed and said she isn’t making it. Delivery by nurses! I asked my husband to put on the final track, Pushing Baby Out (Hypnobabies track for pushing) and finally reluctantly moved to my back and continued. Dr came into the room casually chatting about her commute to the hospital and looks at me and is like Oh that’s a baby’s head!!

I pushed for about 25 minutes total. Full active birth time was less than 4 hours. Birth time was nothing what I expected. I felt like I was a screaming mess I was writing a bad review for Hypnobabies for misleading me about how pressure waves felt like in my head😆, but my husband said I was nothing like that. The calm between waves had everything to do with this program and I would not have been this far without it. Pushing was my favorite part. It was so empowering and to be able to work with my body and to finally be able to do something with the waves was amazing.

Healthy 7lb 2oz baby girl was born on 5-8-2020 she came out with her cord wrapped around her neck and body. She didn’t have delayed cord clapping to make sure she was safe. Doctor assure me she swept up everything inside the cord to her before clamping. I had minor superficial tearing that was stitched.

I’m absolutely amazed at what I accomplished. I came to Hypnobabies to calm my nerves, but it gave me so much more. And after calming down and realizing what this program has done for me, I no longer want to curse them but thank them for help giving me the confidence and birth I wanted!