My mom and sister got here just in time to pick up my kids from church (which ended at 2pm). So, though I had the Hypnobabies CD’s playing, I wasn’t listening with headphones, they were in the background while everything was being set up and coordinated. Just after 2pm the tub was full enough for me to get in (which was nice, since I hadn’t been able to get into a deep enough state of hypnosis to not feel the pressure waves).

At about 2:40pm I could tell we were close, so I told someone to get my husband (who had gone downstairs to put a video on for my kids). He and my oldest daughter came up and I pushed a few times, the first time breaking the water, and with the last one his head and body came out at 2:54pm. My mom said she couldn’t tell anything was happening until the last couple of pressure waves when he was actually coming out.

I was quite relaxed and in control. I did feel pain in my hips with each pressure wave for about the last hour, though it wasn’t bad. I just know that if I had put headphones on at the very start I wouldn’t have felt any pain at all. I guess having it at my house, it was hard for me to let go and let other people take care of things, I felt like I had to be involved in all of the setting up and  coordinating of everything. So, of course I can’t complain, it was just over 3 hours from start to
finish and I could have done it again just like that the next day. I didn’t tear at all so the recovery has been really easy. I know that a lot of Hypnobabies suggestions made it go quickly and easily.

I just would suggest two things that I learned. First, you never know how fast it will go and should turn on a cd as soon as anything starts happening (even if it doesn’t turn out to be your birthing
time, it’s good practice). Second, especially if you are birthing at home and are the type of person that has a hard time letting other people be in charge and take care of things for you, headphones are a good way to tune everything out and keep your focus where it should be. I don’t think there is much more preparation I could have done ahead of time, I just needed to let go once my  birthing time started.

I’m sure you all knew these things already, but I thought I would share what I learned.