lily ann was born on monday, june 9th at 12:39am – after about 14 hours of birthing. 

i skipped church on sunday morning – because i was having some pressure waves – however, i had no idea that the baby was going to come. 

they were 5 minutes apart for over an hour, we called to check and see when the dr. wanted us to come in.  i was GBS+, so he wanted me to come in at that point. 

my doula (also my HB instructor) met us in triage. 

they admitted me soon after – and i was dilated 4 cm. 

i had never met the doctor who was on call that day – and the first thing he suggested when we got into the room was that he break my water.  we declined.  the dr. and nurse read my birth plan – and both of them seemed somewhat understanding of our preferences. … 

my sister, my husband and my doula were all in the room with me.  as the pressure waves intensified, my hypnosis deepened – just like it is supposed to.  the only way anyone could tell i was having a pressure wave was to look at the monitor.  and, during the pressure waves, the doula, my sister & husband would get on each side of me – gently applying pressure to my shoulder and giving me suggestions like “peace” and “release”.  i was also listening to HB tracks.  it was amazing, during intense pressure, how i could direct my pelvic floor – and entire body – to become relaxed and limp. 

we were at 4cm for a long time – and the dr. was getting impatient.  my husband read the “come out baby” script to me and i immediately dilated to 8cm.  we moved to my side and i went to 9.5 cm.   at that point, i was pushing involuntarily.  my sweet baby was in the birth canal and i could feel here there. 

when the dr. said it was time to push, it was such a relief.  and i knew i would see her soon.  all i could do was smile during and between each pushing wave.  my husband said he thinks we had 4 pushes to get her head out. 

when she came out – she was just perfect.  the best moment of my life.

she was alert – eyes open and so peaceful.  they gave her a 9.9 apgar score – not a 10 because she had purple hands for a few moments. 

the nurse was so impressed with the process.  actually, everyone involved was amazed at how peaceful the birthing process was. 

i know i couldn’t have done it without the hypnosis and the support system that i had throughout the birth. 

the nurse came back the next day – just to tell me how impressed she was. 

lily ann weighed 6 lb. 12 oz. and was 19.5 inches long. 


God has truly blessed us.