Lena Jean’s Hypnobabies Birth Story

“I fully credit my practice with Hypnobabies for an incredibly empowering birthing experience! No medications, no interventions and no tearing!”

Thank you to Hypnobabies Instructor Ricky Issler for sharing her student’s story www.comfortinghandsdoula.com

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I woke at 3:30 am on June 21st with intense cramping that wrapped around my back – I knew I was in my birthing time. I took a bath and used my yoga ball while listening to my Hypnobabies Birthing Day Affirmations – this allowed me to remain calm and know that everything was as it should be. I started timing my pressure waves at 5 am and they were 3-4 mins apart. At 6:30 am I called my doula Ricky to let her know I was in my birthing time, but I remained comfortable and that I didn’t think I needed her just yet.

At 9 am I noticed a shift in my body where the pressure waves became more intense, I took another bath and continued listening to my Hypnobabies Birthing Day tracks. I called Ricky again and told her to come over, but by 9:30 I had the shakes and felt it was time to go to the Grey Nuns hospital. We met Ricky at the entrance and went up to the 3rd floor labor and delivery unit where I continued with my Hypnobabies tracks and focusing on my breath. By 10:00 am the nurse checked and told me I was fully dilated, and I could push anytime!!!

I was moved into a labor and delivery room where I started pushing by 10:30am. My doula and my husband were amazing support where they provided a cold compress for my head and neck and a warm compress for my perineum. My OB walked in with her fancy shoes still on and scrubs just as baby was crowning, and within a few mins my precious miracle baby was placed on my chest. 

I fully credit my practice with Hypnobabies for an incredibly empowering birthing experience! No medications, no interventions and no tearing! After a couple hours we were required to move to a postpartum room where they wanted me to sit in a wheelchair- my bottom was very sore and the thought of sitting on a hard seat didn’t appeal to me so I asked if I could walk over, my nurse was amazed but allowed me to do what felt right so we walked at a very slow pace. When we entered the postpartum unit, I was the elephant in the room, the nurses couldn’t believe I had just given birth and was walking!

My daily listening of Hypnobabies Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations kept my anxiety at bay, and I truly learnt to listen to my body. I am so incredibly grateful for my experience, I have a new appreciation for pregnancy and the challenges women face, and the fact that I was able to experience motherhood when the doctors told me it wasn’t in the cards for me is something, I will be grateful for every day. I love being a mom and love the journey I’ve taken to get here. Although it was not easy, it truly was worth it.