Lauren’s Amazing, Empowering Hypnobabies Hospital Birth

Lauren laying on her side in the hospital bed holding her newborn baby and smiling.

Lauren’s Amazing, Empowering Hypnobabies Hospital Birth

“During one long pressure wave, I felt my cervix open and open and open and just keep opening! While the pressure wave (Hypnobabies word for contraction) was intense, this was not painful! All of a sudden, I felt a gush of water like a balloon popping at my cervix, and my daughter’s head come into my birth canal.”

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So, I was referred to Hypnobabies by a friend who used the program and was excited to try it for the birth of my second baby. I used the Bradley Method with my son’s birth, and while I had a great birthing experience with him, I wanted a more peaceful and relaxed birthing this time around. I felt very prepared for my son’s birth in terms of what to expect but felt like I lacked tools to deal with the intensity that I experienced during birthing time (Hypnobabies word for labor). While I still think back on it fondly, I remember the exhaustion and wear and tear on my body postpartum to be overwhelming and debilitating. The peaceful, calming approach to birthing in Hypnobabies was exactly what I wanted this time around!

I was so excited by the birth stories and testimonies I read by Hypnobabies moms, but I have to admit, I was also skeptical. But I decided to fully believe in the process and commit, so I diligently went through the program and tracks. My Guess Date (Hypnobabies word for due date) came and went, and with each passing day I was so surprised I was still pregnant! I knew my daughter would come when she was supposed to and felt a lot of peace about waiting for her.

On day 5 of week 40, I woke to my water breaking at 4 am. I felt excited and got in the shower to calm myself while I listened to Your Birthing Day Begins and Birthing Day affirmations. I eventually woke my husband, and he made the calls to my hypno-doula and family. We were ready and rearing to go, thinking things would move quickly. My water broke first during my son’s birthing time and things started going pretty steadily right away. He was born 9 hours after my water broke. So, when it took 2 and a half hours for any pressure waves (Hypnobabies word for contractions) to begin, I began to think my daughter’s birthing time might move more slowly. But I had no idea how slowly!

Pressure waves were slow and mild and very inconsistent for many, many hours. I felt a little confused about how to use my Hypnobabies tracks during that time. So, I listened to the affirmations many times and rotated a few other tracks. But the hours stretched into more hours and I felt so inundated with the tracks that I needed to take a break. I was still not in an active birthing time 8-10 hours in and was starting to get a bit discouraged. I used my breast pump several times to kickstart my birthing waves back into gear, but pressure waves continued to peter out for a half-hour to an hour at a time. I grew more and more defeated as the day went on.

My husband and I decided after a lot of deliberating to check into the hospital that evening in order to have our daughter’s HR monitored since my water had been broken for 15 hours, at that point. I was discouraged to check in after 15 hours of minimal and low-intensity pressure waves, still not in a very active birthing time (pressure waves were inconsistently about 8 minutes apart by the time we checked in). I was 5 cm dilated when I was checked at admission, and I was struggling with thoughts of how long I still had to go, not wanting to be in the hospital so early on. I struggled with anxiety about Transformation (Hypnobabies word for transition), despite the Fear Clearing track. I was ready to give up on the tracks and just watch TV.

My husband encouraged me to keep at it for a little longer. So, I decided to lay in the bed and listen to Easy First Stage (Hypnobabies main and most powerful hypnosis birthing day track) for the first time. I figured after that, I would get in the shower to try a new position since the PW always stopped when I laid down. PW started to pick up while listening to the track, and I finally felt like I was in deep relaxation and hypnosis for the first time all day, even when the nursery nurse came in to go over paperwork with us. She respected my need to take breaks in the conversation to release into each PW. I was able to stay in center through our conversation and felt encouraged for the first time about how my birthing time was going.

After she left, my husband sat back down and let me focus on my track quietly. I started to slightly vocalize through a few pressure waves but remained calm and relaxed. I remember thinking about how some were coming right on top of one another but focused on releasing and thinking about my cervix easily opening. During one long pressure wave, I felt my cervix open and open and open and just keep opening! While the pressure wave was intense, this was not painful! All of a sudden, I felt a gush of water like a balloon popping at my cervix, and my daughter’s head come into my birth canal.

I got pushy right away, and after the PW was over, turned to my husband and asked him to get the nurse because I was ready to push! He was so confused and shocked because I had just been laying there, barely vocalizing. He said he thought things were progressing based off how I sounded but was amazed I was saying I needed to push that quickly. After our incredibly slow day and having seen the difference of me going through Transformation during our son’s birth, he could hardly believe me!

He got the nurse and she asked if I wanted to be checked. My husband told her he didn’t think so, and that I was ready to push already. I told him to grab my leg during my next PW, and as I pushed, the nurse said, “Ok, there’s the head!” She ran to get the doctor. My husband scrambled to get Pushing Baby Out (Hypnobabies track just for pushing) playing on my phone as the medical staff hurried in, bringing what they could in the short amount of time they had. I felt confident and calm asking my doctor to hold pressure against my perineum whenever I crowned. He followed my wishes and after the third pushing pressure wave, my daughter was born at 10:15 pm, after 18 hours of birthing time, just in time for the end of Father’s Day <3.

I looked at my husband in shock and said, “What just happened?!” He was crying and in shock too! We both couldn’t believe how quickly and easily I had just given birth. It was intense, but not painful, and I was blown away by this (having had a natural birth before)! I couldn’t believe I didn’t know when I was in Transformation or how quickly and easily it moved along. I felt so confident in my body’s cues and needs felt confident to ask my doctor to do what I needed and not just go along with how he wanted to do things.

Both of my natural births were amazing and the most empowering and spiritual things I’ve ever done. But my Hypnobabies birth was truly mind-blowing and incredible. One nurse told my husband afterward that she had never seen anything like that and that I was a warrior. I have never felt so in control of such an out-of-body experience! Thank you, Hypnobabies!

Haven Cora Davis

June 16, 2019

8lbs 1oz

20 inches long