Kristi, a 2nd-Time Mom, 1st-Time Hypnobabies Mom’s Testimonial

Kristi, a 2nd-Time Mom, 1st-Time Hypnobabies Mom’s Testimonial


I was rather skeptical at first that I could really change my view of natural and normal childbirth, but I figured, what I have I got to lose? I ordered my Hypnobabies around 30 weeks and was able to start before 31 weeks. I really took every word of the Hypnosis suggestions to heart that this will work for me and my baby just how it is meant to. I dismissed every thought of negativity from my mind, ignored my husband’s reservations of the program, and blew off any pesimism (sp?) from anyone else. 

I really got into my Affirmations and focused on listening and relaxing through my scripts. I made sure that I didn’t focus on *whether or not this was working* just told myself it was! 

This really helped me to change my expectations for my birthing time. I kept waiting for things for get like they did the first time around and each pressure wave NEVER got any more than what I could
handle. Things truely were calm! And to think I only had my midwife for the last three hours of my birthing time (12 hours or so total of consistent PW’s). I could have gone all the way to full dilation by

I went from thinking CX’s to PRESSURE WAVES and they became just that – pressure!  It changed from  P… to MANAGEABLE, SHORT LIVED DISCOMFORT.  Hypnobabies really helped me to change my perspective and better prepared me for the natural birth that my baby and I deserved!


Originally posted on April 13, 2008