Did You Know?

Natalie Permann Birth Ball hubby doula cropped

Did You Know?

Do you want to feel safe and secure when you give birth? 

All women have this need, and for some that will be in a hospital with all that technology can provide.

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Natalie Permann Birth Ball hubby doula cropped
Others will only feel safe enough to enjoy their birthing in the calmness of home or in a birth center, with other women supporting them; where their personal choices are easily honored. No matter where you will feel the safest, your birth experience belongs to you and yes, you deserve to have the opportunity to make the decisions that will create your beautiful birthing; easy, joyful and empowering.

Can childbirth be empowering; strengthening beyond words?

Childbirth can be the most profound, empowering experience a woman can have…if she allows herself to believe fully in her body, her mind and her baby. If she takes the time to empower herself with knowledge and a full education of what real childbirth is, the choices that she alone gets to make concerning her own health care, and how to create the birth of her dreams. At Hypnobabies, we are dedicated to educating everyone, no matter what childbirth method they choose. All women deserve to have the easiest, healthiest and safest birthing experience possible, and this can only happen if we take some personal responsibility for learning the facts about childbirth as it is today.
Did you Know…? 

Instead of each pregnancy and birth being looked at as unique, with each expectant mother having individual needs, we have an unnatural set of circumstances happening in childbirth right now. While 30 years ago, the C-section rate in America was 7%, we now have a 30% rate, even though women’s bodies clearly have not changed, and there is no higher percentage of babies or mothers that are being saved! We now have physicians directing women’s labors and births to fit their work schedule and avoid litigation. We have so many inductions, interventions and iatrogenic (caregiver-caused) complications that the general public accepts this as normal, when in fact it is far from being so! Many expectant couples simply do not question what is presented to them, and often suffer the consequences. Childbirth should be a joyous, empowering experience, yet because of these practices, it is often disappointing to say the least, and traumatic for many.

Education is really the key here. Learning about the choices you will be making, the fact that all choices belong to you, and how to make them confidently, can be done easily and quickly. The following information was compiled for you, with love, by us here at Hypnobabies, in the hope you’ll empower yourself to enjoy a beautiful birthing.

Did you know…?

In *any* situation that arises regarding your pregnancy, birthing and with your baby’s care, *you* are always in charge! You (two) as the parent(s) are responsible for making the all-important decisions that will affect your health and that of your baby, your labor and after-birth procedures. No one can “allow you” or “make you” do anything. Contrary to what many expectant couples currently think, no one can set a date that your baby must be born by, insist you undergo tests or medical procedures that you don’t agree with, or manage your labor in any way that you don’t want. You are the consumer, and just like any other service you pay for, it is you who calls all the shots!

It is important for you to know that no one can ever force you to do anything you feel uncomfortable with, no matter what the circumstances are. You as the consumer make all of the decisions, not the doctors and nurses. You tell them how you will give birth since they are working for you. They are the “lifeguards” who stand by in case anything should not go in a normal direction, and they will let you know if that is the case. Interference in a normal birthing is unnecessary.

Doctors and nurses are only people like you and I; people who are taking care of their own agendas, and trying to do what they feel is best to have a good outcome for you and your baby with as little risk as possible for everyone, including themselves. They have special training, but not special powers, so if we as consumers will look at them as people, we will have a much easier time of dealing with them when they want to manage pregnancy and childbirth differently than we want.

In reality, it is the *parents of the baby* who have the ultimate responsibility for the pregnancy and birthing decisions, and each couple will make these decisions based on what is right for their own families. Just taking care of their own agendas, the same way doctors and nurses are.

Did you know….?

Many laboring women seem to be treated the same way when they go to a hospital to have their babies? It is common for every laboring woman to receive the same “management of labor”, which may include many unnecessary interventions that can cause complications in an otherwise uncomplicated birthing. These complications the lead to others; fetal distress, forceps delivery and even unnecessary Cesarean sections, among others.

We encourage you to educate yourself fully, take responsibility for the decisions in your pregnancy and birth, and make your own “blueprint for childbirth” that you will create from your own family’s needs, in a fully informed way. Our Birth Empowerment Links page has many articles that will help you on your journey. Only you can create the birthing you want!

“You can only consent to that which you are capable of refusing”

~ International Cesarean Awareness Network