I love that in Hypnobabies we teach about the importance of this special time, right after baby is born!

Please watch this video, Keep Your Baby With You After Birth!

It is shocking to me how many moms who are taking my Hypnobabies class for the 3rd or 4th baby and they are amazed that they have the option of keeping the baby on them for an hour or two.

“I didn’t know I could do that!” one mom exclaimed.  The nurses always had taken her babies away after a minute or two and then spent 10-20 minutes weighing them and doing other things before she really got to hold and meet her baby.  She always hated that, but didn’t realize she had a choice!  She made sure it happened with the birth of her Hypno-baby and she loved that special time!

I find that typically in a hospital birth the baby nurses really want to do the routine procedures right away.  It takes some consistent “No, I want to keep my baby.”  comments from mom to make it happen.  I suggest telling the nurses you will call them when you are ready to weigh the baby.  This way they will leave the room and only come back when you want them too!

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  • i think i got lucky with trillian. at the teaching hospital i was at, all newborn procedures are done in the postpartum ward where the nursery is located and not in the l&d area. =) her being premature they wanted to make sure all was well and had her about 5 minutes, but i got her right back. then my husband and i went to the nursery with her for all the newborn things.