Kayleigh’s Super Quick Peaceful Hypnobabies Home Birth

Hypno-mom looking down at newborn baby

Kayleigh’s Super Quick Peaceful Hypnobabies Home Birth

“I felt strong and safe and fierce birthing our baby girl. She was a surprise, because we again didn’t find out the gender and I feel like that also gave me strength during my pushes because I couldn’t wait to meet our baby.”

My birth story happened very quickly which is why I time stamped it throughout.

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At this point, I was 41 weeks and 2 days. I went 10 days past my guess date (Hypnobabies term for due date) with my first child in 2016 and this child was 9 days past.

Hypno-mom looking down at newborn babyThe day started out completely normal. At, 10:50 am I went to the Chiropractor.
Afterwards I went to hobby lobby to find a few things for the nursery. Then, on to my midwife appointment at 12:00 pm. She checked me for the first time at 12:30 pm and said I was 3.5-4cm but only about 50% effaced. We were both a little shocked because I’d had no symptoms leading up to this point. I left her office and called my husband with the exciting news!

12:50 I got a salad at a drive thru on my way home.

1:15 Got home

1:20 My husband left to get food for himself and I told him I was feeling different to come straight back home.

1:45 I texted my doula to let her know I had my tracks ready in a list and wanted to double check they were all the right tracks.

1:50 I texted her to say I had growing pressure in my hips, back and belly. Strong period like cramping, so she said she’d grab her stuff just in case because she was headed somewhere in our direction anyways.

1:55 I told my husband I needed to get in the tub and get into hypnosis because something was for sure going on and I did “Your Birthing Time Begins” (Hypnobabies reminder of all the tools for birthing) but I stopped it half way through because I needed to get in hypnosis quickly because whatever was going on was strong and I needed a hypnosis track, so I put on the Deepening Your Hypnosis (Hypnobabies track for deepening the level of hypnosis) soundtrack right away. After listening for a few minutes, I counted up to 2 to do eyes open after several minutes in, so I could time my waves (Hypnobabies term for contractions) that all the sudden appeared to be consistent. According to my “wave” timing app, they were 25 seconds about 1 1/2 mins apart. I thought this is way too quick, too soon since I’d only just started having pressure. So, I stopped timing because I thought it was wrong! But kept listening to the track.

2:43 My husband called my phone from downstairs, with 8 mins of track left to check on me. I then got out of the tub and told SE to come upstairs because it was all happening quickly, and something was definitely happening, and I needed his support now. So, I got on my birthing ball for 2-3 waves with my hubs and had him doing counter pressure on my hips, making sure to “turn off”. I stood up to go “potty” again, because I felt different all of the sudden. And as I was about to sit on the toilet, I got the urge to push a little.

2:51 pm I texted my doula to let her know that my waves were much stronger, and it was probably time.

2:54 Got on the toilet to “potty” again and the urge to push came on strong and fast.
I had some bloody show and put my hands on my knees hovering over the toilet.
Told The hubs to get towels quickly. I then had to go down to all 4 in the door frame of my toilet room into the bathroom. Told my hubs to get more towels and more blankets for me and the baby, quickly. I was a bit hesitant to push because only an hour or so before I was at 3-4cm and with my first child it was a long, slow 24hr birth. So, I didn’t think my second would go quite so quickly.

2:56 I reached inside to check myself and I could feel the head.

2:57 I wanted to push again, and my body was doing it on its own now.

2:58 My midwife was now on her way.

2:58 I kept thinking how sad it would be to not have any footage or photos because it was happening so fast, so I told my hubs to set up the video on my phone, because this was about to happen quickly and the photographer wouldn’t arrive in time. My husband asked if I wanted him to set the pool up and I was like, there’s NO time as I laughed in my head. This is happening now!

3:01 The doula was 6 mins away and I continued to have waves about a minute apart
I asked my husband to check and see if what I was feeling was for sure the head and he said NO as a tactic to keep me from pushing because we were home alone while my 3yo sat downstairs watching a show thankfully. About 3 waves later…

3:05 I pushed out our baby girl on the bathroom floor. There were towels beneath me, but thankfully I reached back with that final push and I just knew she was coming out and her head popped out easily and her tiny body just fell out with that same push.

3:07 doula walked in.

3:10 midwife walked in.

3:15 photographer walked in.

Overall, yes, it was a super quick birth story, but it was beautiful and peaceful and a shared experience that will connect my husband and I together forever. I honestly only had strong pressure at the peak, but not once did I think I couldn’t do what my body was naturally doing. I felt strong and safe and fierce birthing our baby girl. She was a surprise, because we again didn’t find out the gender and I feel like that also gave me strength during my pushes because I couldn’t wait to meet our baby. We named her Valerie which means fierce/strong/strength/health.