Kaylee’s Perfect Hypnobabies Hospital Waterbirth

Hypno-mom Kaylee's newborn baby wearing hat and wrapped in blanket covered in little footprints.

Kaylee’s Perfect Hypnobabies Hospital Waterbirth

“I still have my headphones in and we get up to triage and the person checking us in is being soooo slow. So, I calmly say–I’m ready to push right now! 5 people stand up and take me into a room–the midwife says she’s going to check my cervix. She says, “oh my god, you’re a 10–there’s no cervix!!”

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I am finally sitting down to share my Hypnobabies birth story. I had the most perfect birth–it was everything I wanted. Hypnobabies techniques allowed me to stay at home all the way until I was dilated to a 10! We showed up to the hospital ready to push! I am a birth warrior!

My guess date (Hypnobabies word for due date) was June 8th. I had my 39-week appointment with my midwife on Friday, May 31st and we talked about ways to naturally start my birthing time and also talked about a backup plan in case I went over my guess date. I left there feeling anxious that I would have to opt for an induction but I was determined to have my body begin on its own.

Sure enough, I woke up the next morning, Saturday, June 1st feeling different. I would say it felt like PMS symptoms–kinda cramps, achy, my joints hurt. I had a feeling that baby girl was probably going to come soon but that day was just like any other day. I went about my normal routine with mild Braxton Hicks all day. That night, things changed. I woke up at 1 am with bad “cramps” happening every 12 minutes or so that lasted until about 6 am. After that, they subsided quite a bit and I was able to sleep peacefully for a few hours.

That afternoon the “cramps” which I now know were Braxton Hicks were very inconsistent all day–more intense but very inconsistent and still about 12 min apart throughout the day. Again, later that night they picked back up. I now know that it is common for them to get more intense at night due to your body’s melatonin. They got very intense starting at about 8 pm and lasting all night now about 10 min apart. At the time I wasn’t sure if this was my birthing time (Hypnobabies word for labor) or not since I am a first-time mom but now looking back I can say that I was definitely in my early birthing time. I went ahead a started listening to the early birthing time hypnosis tracks.

The next day, Monday, June 3rd, my birthing waves (Hypnobabies word for contraction) continued. My husband works from home so he was with me all day. Early in the day, everything was pretty manageable on my own. I was listening to my tracks and doing things around the house. Resting, going through the Miles Circuit and spending a lot of time on my birthing ball. At about 3 pm, things started to get intense. At this time my waves were between 6-8 min apart and I was mostly in the bed trying to relax with my tracks. This was the point where I need my husband with me. He brought me water and snacks.

My birthing waves would start low in the front of my abdomen and wrap around my back. My husband kept a hot pack on my lower back which really helped. I was able to sleep on and off throughout these waves. At this time, I’m not really paying attention to what time it is so I really don’t have a concept of how fast things went. But eventually, the waves got very intense that my body was telling me I needed to move. Get out of bed and move. I went from leaning over the bed to sitting on my birthing ball, to on all fours with the birth ball (this was my favorite and most comfortable for quite a while.)

My husband was giving me counter pressure this entire time–which was soooo helpful and relieving. I don’t think I could have done it without the counter pressure. Of course, I’m listening to my Hypnobabies hypnosis tracks and my husband is timing my waves. At around 10-11 pm, my waves were 4 minutes apart. I had yet to lose my mucus plug or had a bloody show so we weren’t totally sure yet if this was the real thing. My husband texted our doula–who was also our Hypnobabies instructor! —and she said it didn’t seem like this was it.

Being a first-time mom, it’s hard to tell and know. She suggested I try to go to bed and relax but my husband and I both knew that there was no way I was sleeping. We ended up calling my midwife to get a second opinion and she also said the same thing and that since I’m a first-time mom, we should come to the hospital when my waves are 2-3minutes apart. That way we would know for sure that this was it. She suggested I get in the tub and try to rest. My husband drew a bath for me and helped me in. After maybe 30 minutes or so my waves were so intense (powerful) I was focusing just on being able to breathe.

My husband was right there with me holding my hand– I remember telling him not to leave me. I believe that I was in transformation (Hypnobabies word for transition) at this time. I had an urge to get out of the tub and go to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and there it was–mucus plug and bloody show. I was so happy because this was definitely confirmation that this was really it! My waves at this point are about 1-2 minutes apart and I know we need to get to the hospital fast.

In between waves, I am getting dressed–still listening to my Hypnobabies tracks. It takes a lot of concentration. My husband is packing up the car with our bags. I am focusing so hard on my hypnosis because at this point I know my husband can’t help me with counter pressure in the car. I make my way into the kitchen and can feel baby girl moving down in my pelvis. I get out into the garage and yell to my husband that we need to go now because I can feel her coming. I get in the car, headphones in, window rolled down, eyes closed and focusing on not pushing yet. It’s 1 am on Tuesday, June 4th.

We made it to the hospital in about 15 minutes–my husband gets me into a wheelchair and we buzz up to the labor and delivery floor–leaving our car parked out in front of the hospital. We didn’t have time to even grab our bags. I still have my headphones in and we get up to triage and the person checking us in is being soooo slow. So, I calmly say–I’m ready to push right now! 5 people stand up and take me into a room–the midwife says she’s going to check my cervix. She says, “oh my god, you’re a 10–there’s no cervix!!”

My husband looks at me with surprise. Everyone was completely shocked that I was fully dilated and I was so calm. I had planned for a waterbirth so they take me into the room that has the birthing tub. I had a couple rounds of pushing on the bed while they filled the tub and the midwife gave me counter pressure to help. Once the tub was ready–which it felt like they filled it in 5 seconds, I was helped into the tub. The water was soooo relaxing. I was soooo happy that I was able to be in the water. I have my husband turn on “Pushing Baby Out” track (Hypnobabies track just for comfortable pushing). Our doula arrived shortly after that and she was also shocked that I was able to be at home for so long.

The birthing waves were intense but the water helped so much. I switched positions a lot in the tub and my husband and doula were there for support, holding my hands, pouring water on my back. At one point I started to get so tired–my legs were getting so fatigued. My husband started cheering me on and offering a lot of verbal support. My midwife suggested I try floating on my side. At one point she had me reach down and insert my fingers into my vagina to feel the baby’s head! She was so close!! With each push, I would let out groans and it really helped release energy.

After 45 minutes in the water, I had that final push and baby girl was out!! My husband caught her in the water and she was placed on my chest. Bliss, pure bliss. Penelope “Penny” Jade was born at 3:14 am on June 4th, 2019. 7lbs 19 inches. We did it without any medication and was able to labor at home all the way until I was dilated to a 10! I attribute my ability to do this to Hypnobabies. I don’t think I could have had an unmedicated birth without it! The entire hospital staff was in awe at my ability to be so calm. I had the exact birth I wanted. Every single part was just the way I had hoped.

Stay positive, stay focused, you can do it!