Judah’s Hypnobabies Hospital Birth with Induction

Judah’s Hypnobabies Hospital Birth with Induction

“With each pressure wave I relaxed my birthing muscles and visualized my cervix softening and opening. I could feel the pressure waves growing stronger and would smile after each one because I just knew my baby would be coming soon.”

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Our Hypnobabies birthing day began on 2/27/18 when at my 40 week midwife appointment my blood pressure was no longer managed by diet and exercise and it was decided that the best thing for our little boy would be to start the induction process. I was very prepared mentally for this having been induced at 39 weeks with my first for the same reasons and had done tons of fear clearing in the weeks and days leading up to my guess date. So we went home, gathered our thoughts, and dropped our 2 year old off at her Meme’s for a few days of fun!

On the way to the hospital I put my headphones on and began to listen to “Birthing Day Affirmations” and immediately felt at peace with the birthing journey ahead of us. I had been having regular waves every 5 minutes since I woke up that morning and in my heart I knew he was ready to come out and we would simply help that process along today.

We got situated in our room, hung our affirmations where I could see them easily, and after determining my cervix was soft and 1 cm dilated but very posterior, we would try a very low dose of Pitocin to see if it would bring any progress. I knew that the most important thing to do at this point was to go deeply into hypnosis, so as the Pitocin began to run at 5 pm, I sat fully upright and supported and simply allowed the birthing process to happen while I listened to Easy First Stage. With each pressure wave I relaxed my birthing muscles and visualized my cervix softening and opening. I could feel the pressure waves growing stronger and would smile after each one because I just knew my baby would be coming soon.

My first induction with my daughter was a four day in and out of hospital process which left me with anxiety about another birthing time. I was tense and fought the process, not believing my baby was ready yet. This go around I was prepared and excited with my Hypnobabies tools to welcome my baby peacefully!

We began the Pitocin at 5 pm and at 9 pm we checked for progress to make a plan for the evening. I was now 3 and 80% effaced! It took me three days to progress this much with my first so I was beyond excited to hear this news! Still deeply in hypnosis I got off of the bed and onto the birthing ball, leaning forward onto pillows on the bed so that I could release with each wave. I felt them getting stronger and began to use my Peace cue to go deeper.

My nurses and midwife were so supportive of a quiet and dark environment and used the Hypnobabies language I had requested very happily! We also had worship music playing in the background for me to enjoy between my waves in center switch. I knew I was progressing and this only caused me to go deeper. As I felt more discomfort in my back, my husband began applying counter pressure with each wave and saying my “Peace” and “Release” cues….he was my rock.

Eventually I began to feel my body involuntarily pushing around 1:30 am. I got back on the bed to be checked and was found to be 8 cm with a bulging bag and baby -1 station. My midwife felt comfortable with me giving into the pushing sensation as it would help baby descend and my water bag to dilate my cervix. I got on all fours to help position baby and hopefully bring some more progress. Two waves on all fours and I felt my bag of waters release! Immediately I felt baby drop into position and felt most comfortable in a sort of side lying position on my back with my legs supported because they were shaking at this point.

I was now fully dilated with a thin lip that my midwife offered to push back with the next wave and then finally my body was bearing down uncontrollably! He was almost here! I felt him descend and try to turn from posterior and a few waves later he was ready to go and I slowly breathed him out, feeling my body stretch gently and my waves slow down to let this happen. Finally his head was out but with a tight nuchal cord he needed a somersault to get out safely and I reached down to grab my boy and cried in relief and shock at how quickly he had arrived.

Clearly I am still completely blissed out by his birthing time and the precious memories that followed after. I am so grateful to the Hypnobabies program for giving me confidence in my body’s ability to give birth easily. My peace cue and deepening track were invaluable and allowed me to feel completely in control until transformation began and then to refocus for pushing! If we are blessed by another baby, we will most definitely be having another Hypno-baby! 💙

A - Kimberly Gross
I became passionate about the field of childbirth after the birth of my son and wanted to help families have the best birth experience possible.