Joanne’s Fast Last Minute Hypnobabies Almost Hospital Birth

“Once I sat in our van, I could feel her head basically coming out!! As my husband made the 4-5-minute drive to the hospital, I was trying to get pants down, my water broke and I was saying aaahhh, pushing my baby out!”

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I am so excited to share our story!!
YOU GUYS!! Hypnobabies for the win here!

I had started spotting a week before, off and on with slight cramping (practice waves).

I’d been preparing for home birth and working with a midwife

We went to niece’s pool birthday party this past Sunday, the 26th. Planned to spend the night at the hotel since it was an hour from home.

Hypno-mom Joanne sitting on hospital bed holding newborn daughterAround 1:00 am I noticed more wetness and a little more spotting. I started listening to birthing day affirmations. Was feeling some, very light waves (Hypnobabies word for contractions). I remember thinking it felt really cool because I could almost actually feel my muscles moving back and opening. I kept reminding myself that this is very normal and comfortable. For the next few hours, I tried laying down and walking around in hotel room when my two kids and husband were sleeping. I had to make a decision about waking family to head home in hopes that the midwife could meet us there in time (she had two hours’ drive to our home) or going to the hospital. All through this birth preparation, I’d known that this was going to be fast. I was able to make the decision confidently and calmly and woke my husband to get to the hospital. He was excited since he’d been very uncomfortable about home birth.

My husband was getting things ready to go and I was listening to my Your Birthing Time Begins track (Reminder of all of the tools and techniques for birthing). We had a room next to his sister and he woke her to help with our kids. I easily breathed and said Peaaaacce (Hypnobabies cue for instant physical comfort) when there was slight discomfort (very minimal!!). My husband was taking too long and I was feeling slightly nauseous and legs shaking…knowing this was progressing faster than I thought. I put on my boots and coat and started heading for the vehicle in between waves.

Once I sat in our van, I could feel her head basically coming out!! As my husband made the 4-5-minute drive to the hospital, I was trying to get pants down, my water broke and I was saying aaahhh, pushing my baby out! He got to the emergency area and ran in to get help. They opened the garage door and he drove the van in the garage. Her head was out and the staff was all there trying to force me onto the table. I was yelling no and not budging, knowing she was making her entrance earth-side right there and then. The staff was frantic and screaming things and I was irritated by them trying to boss me around. All I needed was help to get my pants down so I could catch her!

There was a slight pause and I took a breath all while the staff was pushing my belly yelling at me to push. I said no. And then, at the next one, I felt I was ready to push again and her body came easily out. The staff was ready to clamp and grab my baby away from me. I went all mama bear on them and cried out to my husband to help keep them away. They were trying to shove the nose sucker into baby forcefully and I kept refusing, saying I can hear her, she doesn’t need it! I just wanted to hold her for a moment.. to soak in that tiny moment. I finally agreed to get on the table and they wheeled us into a room.

The umbilical cord was short and I couldn’t see my sweet baby’s face but kept it intact for an hour, I believe. The placenta hadn’t come yet but since she’d started nursing a lot of the discomfort came on. I hadn’t been using my hypnosis at that time so the process was felt at way more of an intense level than the whole birth. I really wish I could’ve been more prepared for that part. The placenta was finally passed and the relief was instant.

My baby girl is healthy and strong. Born 37 + 3 weeks. I’m not even sure when to say birthing time (Hypnobabies word for labor) started. But she was born at 5:44. I’d say about 5-7 minutes of pushing and maybe an hour of somewhat noticeable waves. Our third child with jaundice…but otherwise, she’s so strong and I’m so proud of her and how well we work as a team!!

I look forward to working with more Hypnobabies tracks for breastfeeding and support during the 4th trimester! I am so grateful.