Jamie Lynn’s Hypnobabies Home Birth

Jamie Lynn’s Hypnobabies Home Birth

“There was a lot of pressure, but no discomfort. I would say in my head “Peeeeeaaaaceeee” (Hypnobabies cue for instant comfort) with each wave. I would stay completely relaxed between each wave.”

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I prayed every night for this birth. I prayed for a safe and healthy birth with no complications. I prayed that baby would come when my girls were home from school. I prayed for a peaceful birth. I prayed that I would get a full night of sleep and have my birthing day start in the morning. ALL of my prayers were answered.

Around 6:30 am I had some bloody mucous. I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but at 42+3 weeks I knew the odds were in my favor. I had some loose stools a couple hours later so my hopes were getting a little higher. I was having some tightening and pressure but wasn’t sure if it was real pressure waves (Hypnobabies word for contraction). Around 10:30 I knew they were waves and I started timing them. They were about 10 minutes apart. I started listening to Easy Comfortable Childbirth (Hypnobabies hypnosis track) and would use my finger drop (Hypnobabies technique to enter hypnosis) and turn off during each wave. I turned the tracks off a few times to interact with my kids, but I tried to keep a hypnosis track or relaxation music constantly playing in my headphones on low.

I nursed my son for his nap around 2:30 pm and they went from 10 minutes apart to every 3 minutes for the hour he napped. Once he woke up, they slowly went back to 10 minutes apart. When I moved around, they were closer together and when I rested they completely stopped. I was confused and discouraged. All of my waves were completely manageable. I felt like things weren’t progressing at all and KNEW it was going to be a loooong evening/night.

Around 4 pm my midwife suggested I take a walk. My girls rode their bikes through the creek while I walked around. Waves picked up to about every 3 minutes but still only 30 seconds long. At this point I decided to turn on Easy First Stage (Hypnobabies main birthing time hypnosis track) and head back to my room to try and zone out to the track. I sat on the birthing ball and they slowed back down. Midwife arrived around 5:30 and allowed her to check me. I was 6 cm and 75% effaced. Baby was still high and posterior. (This was the only time I was checked and then I was left to birth in my own little world as she sat by my side).

Around 6 pm she had me lay on my back and put a pool noodle under my lower back to help baby move down a bit and hopefully turn into optimal position. Once the pool noodle was under me things started picking up. I stopped timing my waves, turned my Hypnobabies up to max volume and completely zoned out. Waves were still completely manageable. There was a lot of pressure, but no discomfort. I would say in my head “Peeeeeaaaaceeee” (Hypnobabies cue for instant comfort) with each wave. I would stay completely relaxed between each wave.

Around 6:30 I turned on my side. Waves were increasing in intensity, but I continued to use my Peace cue through each wave. Waves were still completely manageable and no discomfort. I kept thinking in my head “I am ROCKING these pressure waves! I can’t believe how quiet I am being” Well that changed quick! Around 6:40 I started slightly moaning through waves. I couldn’t believe I was already moaning through the waves when in my mind I still had hours until baby’s arrival. With each wave they were more intense and at this point more painful. My husband had a rice sock on my back and doing counter pressure for about an hour at this point and it felt AMAZING! As I’m laying on my right side he held my left leg up in the air. I could actually feel baby move down a bit with each wave, it was amazing.

About 6:48 I felt like I needed to poop. I kept thinking “don’t get your hopes up, it’s not baby’s head yet.” FER (Fetal Ejection Reflex) kicked in and with each wave my body started pushing. It was amazing. I have never had the urge to push with my other 3 kids. I put my hand between my legs and could feel baby crowning. I could hear my husband saying in me ear “She’s right there babe! She’s almost here!” I couldn’t believe it. I thought I still had hours left. At this point the waves were STRONG. I was yelling “PEACE!!!!!!” in my mind as I was pushing baby out.

I was VOCAL, or at least I thought I was. I needed to be loud with my moans because it helped with the discomfort. It was very uncomfortable, but it was completely different than my other natural births. It sounds crazy, but it was a good discomfort. It was a discomfort that was bringing my baby girl into the world. After about 7 minutes of pushing our baby girl arrived. She was born at 6:54 pm. She was 8 lbs 2 oz and 20.5 in long. Everything happened so fast once FER kicked in that we didn’t even have time to put on “Pushing Baby Out” (Hypnobabies hypnosis track especially for pushing). I ripped my headphones off and felt AMAZING! She was put on my stomach right away and my husband and I were in our own little world. He was in complete disbelief. It was the first birth where he witnessed every stage of her coming out and he said it was the most amazing experience. In previous births he is by my head in the birthing pool as I am squeezing his fingers. We called our kids in right away and they were so excited to meet the new baby.

THIS IS HOW BIRTH SHOULD BE! A mother to be left alone with no interventions, no unnecessary checks, no push for Pitocin, no threats of c sections (unless MEDICALLY necessary).

HYPNOBABIES!!! I seriously couldn’t have done it without Hypnobabies. I had a 100% discomfort free birth until about 15 minutes before baby’s arrival. In my previous births all I remember is the discomfort. When I had my son, I couldn’t even reach down and feel his head because I was in so much discomfort. I literally said, “Get it the f$@# out of me!!!” I would get so consumed with the discomfort and tighten my whole body which obviously made it even more uncomfortable. This birthing time was completely different. It’s like I NEEDED Kerry’s voice in my ear at all times. I needed my volume on max so I could just get in my own head and mute everyone around me. It was amazing. I stayed so calm and in tune with my waves. I never tightened up (until I was pushing). I can’t imagine ever giving birth without Hypnobabies.