Intense, Quick Hypnobabies Birth of Maya

Intense, Quick Hypnobabies Birth of Maya

“With each wave I pictured my “Special Safe Place” on the beach with the warm glow of the sun on me. Peace was my mantra. Our 3 year old son told me “you got this, mommy” as he witnessed me kneeling on the exercise ball as he headed up to bed.”

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The day started with me having mild pressure waves in the morning that then subsided mid-day. I was excited when I felt them, happily timed them for a while until they began to space out more and more and even joyously danced around the house.

With these mild waves I was able to practice turning my mental light switch off or to the center position. I rested and listened to the Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations track and Fear Clearing in the afternoon and visualized my “easy more comfortable birthing.” Around dinner time the waves came back and this time they were stronger. I felt a bit nauseous but wanted to eat some pasta in order to have energy for birthing.

Immediately after eating I threw it all up. At this point my waves quickly progressed in strength and succession. With each wave I pictured my “Special Safe Place” on the beach with the warm glow of the sun on me. Peace was my mantra. Our 3 year old son told me “you got this, mommy” as he witnessed me kneeling on the exercise ball as he headed up to bed.

I took a shower to see if that slowed the pressure waves down. Instead, when I got out of the shower I was overwhelmed by the feeling that it was time to get to the hospital. My waves were so powerful that I felt the need to collapse to all fours. I pictured the waves of the ocean rolling over me and back out to sea with each pressure wave. “You can do anything for 60 seconds.” I had barely started listening to my Birthing Day tracks and it was time to leave for the hospital. They say you’ll know when it’s time to go and I definitely did! My husband called our doula (whom I had been checking in with throughout the day) and then my mom to have her come stay overnight while our son slept.

I’ll always remember the moment when we arrived at the hospital and saw our doula. I felt reassured that my “coach” was now by my side and I felt safe that I was at our birthing location. As soon as we walked in the hospital doors my waves again picked up their pace and intensity. I had to wait to sign in and then go to triage. They wanted to monitor me for at least 20 minutes and because I tested positive for group B strep I also was to be given antibiotics thru an IV 4 hours before birth.

Trying to stay still during this point was an absolute challenge. The midwife checked me and I believe I was at 8cm dilated. Keli of In Harmony Birth, our doula, guided me with gentle reminders with each wave and squeezed my hips with counter pressure. Once I was taken to the birthing suite my water broke and next thing I knew it was time to push. I know the Pushing Baby Out track was playing but I don’t remember hearing much of it. I was focused on breathing and meeting our baby. I found pushing to be intuitive and baby girl was quickly in my arms.

This was my second birth but first Hypnobabies birth. I did the home study course and our doula is a Hypnobabies instructor and doula The midwife practice was very supportive of my choice to use Hypnobabies. The practice of self-hypnosis, reprogramming and changing your perception of birth is so powerful. I didn’t follow the course 100%, but did the tracks as often as I could. My husband never listened with me or did the scripts but supported me. I made sure to teach him a few Hypnobabies words to use. I felt like I did the prep work and was ready rely on my practice for my actual birthing time.

This pregnancy and birth was different than my first. Both were positive and the most empowering experiences of my life. My first birth had a slower progression and although it was still a relatively quick first birth the pressure waves didn’t get super intense until transformation. This birth was so quick (4 hours) and the intensity of the pressure waves were way more intense. I thought of the line from the Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations track that says to accept any path your birthing time takes. Rather than give in to the negative thought process that this was not a “comfortable” or “easy” birth because of the intensity of the pressure waves, I embraced each wave as best I knew how and trusted my body because it meant I was closer to meeting our baby girl.

A - Kimberly Gross
I became passionate about the field of childbirth after the birth of my son and wanted to help families have the best birth experience possible.