Inspirational Video for Multiple Moms



At least one of these moms did the Hypnobabies Home Study.  Maybe more did.  But regardless, this is a very important message for multiple moms.  You can have a vaginal birth!  You can have an un-medicated birth as well!

  • Love it love it love it. I am a labor nurse and cringe everytime I am part of a medicated and surgical intervention for a birth that is not needed, which is most. I have given birth to 4 beautiful child in the last 7 years and was very empowered by my mother to give birth naturally without medications. As I tell all my patients who question why I did not want to have pain medication I simply tell them that I did what was best for myself and for my child, empowering both myself and for them in the future. I have patients monthly ask for me because they want pain medication free deliveries and now that I can help them achieve their goal. Quite a few co-workers have become better advocates for the same causes and a few coworkers have been fortunate enough to enjoy such a wonderful experience without medication. I have shown this video numerous times at work and feel that it has a made and emotional impact for all. THanks.

  • I’m a nurse educator and currently pursuing my PhD. My topic is non-pharmacologic pain management and increasing nurses knowledge and skill level.

    This video will be shown on the first clinical day with my OB students this semester. It is a gem and speaks volumes!!

  • Their smiling faces tells it all. These women are strong and they believe in the power of birth and what their bodies can do. A big thanks goes out to those family members, friends and health professionals who supported and encouraged these women. It is sad to think how many other women have missed out on this wonderful experience.

    As a nurse educator I hope this video is seen by many LD nurses and soon to be LD nurses. It may even have an impact on the care they provide to their next laboring Mom.

  • Finally, some real information! I’m a mum of year-old twins. I birthed them vaginally, in a hospital, with a negotiated epidural. I wish I would have fought to birth them naturally at home, with my midwife but in the end I was still empowered to have had them vaginally. The nurses at the hospital told me that NEVER happens and the doctor said I impressed him. What’s impressive is that intervention isn’t always needed…your video proves that!

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