Inese’s Beautiful Hypnobabies Waterbirth

Inese’s Beautiful Hypnobabies Waterbirth

“I thought the most challenging part of it all would be the moment when the baby comes out. It turned out to be the most comfortable, even pleasant moment in my entire birth. I just loved it! I loved that feeling! Nothing hurt, nothing felt uncomfortable. It felt easy and so natural and smooth!”

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My husband and I have been together for 9 years, married for 8 years. So far we had no children and had surrendered to the idea that it will be just the two of us. When I got pregnant, I was in denial about it for 2 months. I just thought that I am really sick. After I finally did the test – on a friend’s absolute demand and found out that I AM pregnant, it was not just a surprise – it was A SURPISE!!! And – a lot of joy that followed!

As first time parents, we wanted to do everything right. I clearly felt that I have 2 options: go with the flow and have a possibly traumatic birth experience (fears of the unknown, lack of knowledge, negative information about childbirth, etc) or – work hard and change this into a positive experience. So, we signed up for all the best pregnancy education courses in our city (Riga). Strangely enough, always, when we had to attend a course, the circumstances arranged so, that we did not make it. It became really annoying. One day, surfing in the internet, I came across a birth story in English that totally astonished me. It was so positive, so inspiring! That is how I found Hypnobabies. After a minor research we ordered the course and started doing it right away. Now it became clear why we had not made it to the other courses… It was meant to be.

When I started doing Hypnobabies, I was already 33 weeks pregnant. However, I wanted to do the long version and had an inner “discussion” with our Baby, asking him/her to allow us finish the long course before he/she was born. We inwardly felt that the Baby gave a blessing. So, I was REALLY happy when I finally got to the maintenance track and did even more than a week of it – thank you, Baby!

We enjoyed doing Hypnobabies 100%. It was exactly everything I had hoped for… and more.

Since our guess date was March 1st and at the end of February I still had no signs of any practice pressure waves, plus, the Baby was really high, our birthing time took us totally by surprise. It was evening of February 25th that, after a shower, my water bag suddenly broke. It was followed by some bloody show. We called our midwife right away and she told us to go to sleep and observe what happens next. 

Here is my first “THANK YOU, Hypnobabies!” – because of the amazing education on how birthing time proceeds, that Hypnobabies provide, we stayed totally confident and calm. Almost excited to do everything FINALLY in practice!

I started feeling something like menstrual cramping, very mild, nothing big. I felt I have to start with my Hypnobabies tracks right away. There was a strong urge to listen to “My Special Safe place” and, indeed, I found it very soothing and comforting. I played it about 5 times during the night’s sleep. It was a bit strange, since during the training time, I did not feel anything special about this particular track. Suddenly, it became so precious! It really provided me with emotional comfort.

The next morning the menstrual sensations became a bit stronger and regular. Now they really felt like waves. Still, very mild. I listened to “The Deepening” track a few times. Around noon, my pressure waves started getting a bit more intense. Still, nothing big. I asked my husband to help me and read the Birthing prompts out loud. It felt good, to do this thing as a team, together. His voice was so soothing. We really did nothing else all day long but ate, drank water and did our hypno practice. It was like being in a constant flow, almost a dreamy state.

At some point I felt a strong urge to sing – my husband and I are both musicians. We took out our instruments – guitar and violin and started to sing some meditative songs that we both knew. This was a truly magical moment…

By now my pressure waves had become more intense. But still – very ok. Here I had an interesting experience. Somebody called and we both “fell out” of the focus. Suddenly, the next pressure wave took me totally by surprise… I started trembling, felt a lot of discomfort and… brrr… good that it was over so soon! ONLY then I realized what difference our Hypnobabies tools actually made! It was incredible. It was like the sensations suddenly had controlled me, not that I could control the sensations. We went quickly back to the practice.

The evening came. Intensity of the waves grew. Since the water bag had been broken, we kept in touch with our midwife constantly. We had planned a hospital water birth in a small, family friendly hospital one hour drive away. At 10 PM our midwife told us to come to the hospital. My Mother drove us. Because of the quite bumpy road, I started feeling pretty strong discomfort. At that point all I wanted was my husband to read the prompts out loud. So he did. It was pretty intense for both of us… However, the words “Release, Relax” did some magic with me – they literally gave me an immediate, absolute physical comfort! Again, THANK YOU, Hypnobabies!

At the hospital our midwife checked me. Things were not moving along as we had hoped. Not much had happened… I felt a bit disappointed, of course. I had hoped for more progress. Since my water bag had been broken such a long time ago, our midwife told us she has to give me antibiotics to prevent infection. After a short discussion with my husband, I said: “No, thank you!” Although it was a hospital policy, we followed our intuition and rejected it. The midwife totally respected our choice – she was so nice. As it turned out, it was the right decision! Without Hypnobabies training I would never had even considered such thing – to listen to my own feelings and make my personal choice.

Regarding our midwife, I am still very grateful to her that she did not insist on proceeding with an induction right away but decided to wait until the next morning. It had already been 24 hours till my water bag had broken. They gave us a nice room at the hospital and we went to sleep. During the night I woke up constantly – I felt tired but could not relax. The pressure waves had calmed down. At one point I decided to continue listening to my tracks. I put my earphones back in and started listening to the “Birthing Day Affirmations”. When I woke up after an hour, I felt amazingly fresh and full of energy! As I looked out of the window, I saw a beautiful day – it was sunny and the snow was shining – like a diamond! A warm feeling came over me: “This is it. Today is a celebration day for my family. Today is our Child’s Birthday”. It was February 27th.

All the rest was so special. Thanks to my Hypnobabies regular practice, I managed to surrender myself totally to everything that my birthing process would be. And at this point, it could be anything… My waves were still pretty calm. I was surprised about myself – the only thing that mattered at that point was that today was our SPECIAL day. (Normally I am a person who gets scared and anxious easily!)

We went to see our midwife and she told us to move into the cozy family water birthing room. As she checked me again, she suddenly realized that the Baby’s head had been stuck in the last bit of the water bag (will not get into details) and as soon as she very gently released it with her finger, my active birthing time began! This had actually been the reason why it had taken us so long.

My active birthing time lasted for about 4 hours. Since this was my first birth, I did not expect such intense sensations! Here I tried to remember everything that I had been learning with Hypnobabies. However, I had difficulties to stay focused. This is where I lost it a bit and still cannot figure out why… I think it was mainly because I “tried” so much, instead of just relaxing! I tried to find the right position for me during the powerful pressure waves and felt a strong need to MOVE.

I moved around the room like a squirrel! At some point I remember myself dancing with my husband. Yes, singing too… Oh boy… I think that the fact that I needed so much movement to stay comfortable pushed me out of my hypno focus, so it became pretty challenging. Still, I honestly feel that it was a great experience! It was so positive! Yes, a lot of sensations, sometimes much more than I had expected, but – it was beautiful. When some very powerful waves came, it was tough, but in between them I remember myself looking outside the window, enjoying the beautiful view of nature and feeling very happy, very blurry and very tired. A strange mixture of feelings! 😊

As my sensations gradually were building up, there came a point when I thought: “Ok, now I really want it to end… soon”! Suddenly the pressure wave sensations changed into an amazingly powerful feeling of pushing. It was nothing like I had expected – it was as if my body was literally going to explode if I do not go to the “bathroom” right away! For a minute I could not move! However, it was more in the “head” – I could move and with the help of my husband and the midwife I finally got into the special water birth tub. Only now I realized that all the time until this point, me and my husband had been totally on our own, in our own world, just the two of us in the room! No one had bothered us, no doctors, no nurses! The midwife just came in for very brief moments to take a look if all is ok… Just a little while before my pushy feeling began, she magically appeared and made the water tub ready, adding some rose petals for the final touch. We actually did not know the gender of our Baby at that point, so when our Baby girl Aurora was born, we were even more amazed.

When I finally got into the tub, my husband put on the “Pushing Baby Out” track. The rest was a bit of a blur, like in another world. When the pushing sensation came, I pushed, when it was over, I fell into a deep relaxation, sometimes even slept through it. The track was playing but I did not hear much of it. The water felt so good during the relaxing moments. The familiar voice on the track also felt soothing. During the pushing, it was extremely hard work that took all my strength. No pain, just effort.

The midwife became very active now, helping me a lot to guide my “pushy” feeling when it came. Here I have to admit, that I had one more surprise. I thought the most challenging part of it all would be the moment when the baby comes out. It turned out to be the most comfortable, even pleasant moment in my entire birth. I just loved it! I loved that feeling! Nothing hurt, nothing felt uncomfortable. It felt easy and so natural and smooth!

My sweet baby was born. She came out so gently. I love her even more for giving me this gentle finale of our birth. It felt like we were totally cooperating. Only later I realized that my favorite line from Hypnobabies was about “the gentle birth” in the Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations. It had become a reality. My biggest fear during pregnancy was fear of tearing at birth. My doctor told me I was definitely going to tear a lot due to a medical condition I had during the late pregnancy. Instead, I had just a very, very tiny tear – it did not hurt at all! Wow… Even the midwife was surprised. THANK YOU, Hypnobabies!

The relief after everything was so great, that I hardly noticed placenta coming out. We had done it!

Later, when my husband and I were discussing our experience, he told me that my pushing time had been one hour and a half. I was shocked! It really felt like 20 minutes, 30 at the most. Here I realized, the “Pushing Baby Out” track had done its work: 20 minutes seemed like 5 minutes.

Another thing that we found out later was the impact our experience had had on the hospital staff. They told us that they had been truly amazed about how quiet and peaceful we had been during our birth! Even more, they said, we had influenced all the other births that happened on that day – they had been surprisingly peaceful.

It really was like honey to our ears and we want to share it. THANK YOU, Hypnobabies! 😊

My conclusion is this: thanks to Hypnobabies, we had a birth where the positive and beautiful moments were much more than the challenging moments. And even the challenging moments had their very important meaning: they made me who I am now – a loving mother! It is a miracle that only God can organize, with a help of Hypnobabies 😊. Having such a birth experience has given me an amazing confidence. I have done it, done it all naturally, at the age of 36! Of course, we truly put a lot of effort in preparing for it every single day for more than two hours to achieve this experience. Also, the part for the partner communication we took very seriously, so that there would be no unsolved issues between me and my husband when the birthing day comes. It was quite a lot of self-discipline and devotion. However, I truly believe that Hypnobabies is the best, top quality pregnancy – childbirth education one can get in the world today for those who are ready commit to the training.


A - Kimberly Gross
I became passionate about the field of childbirth after the birth of my son and wanted to help families have the best birth experience possible.