Hypnosis has Amazing Benefits for Pregnancy and Birth!

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I of course get to see this first hand with the moms I work with.

It was wonderful to see an article which discussed all the benefits.

Here are some highlights.

Moms that use hypnosis

    • use less drugs during birth


    • are more comfortable during birth


    • have shorter labors


    • less medical interventions


    • less depression and anxiety after birth

Hypnosis has been used during childbirth for approximately 100 years. Many research studies have been conducted to study the effects of hypnosis on pregnancy and labor. Hypnosis has been used on women during labor to help reduce pain.

“One study found that women in their second and third trimester of pregnancy were more suggestible. The study showed that as women became further along in their pregnancy, their suggestibility increased according to the Harvard Hypnotizability Scale. Pregnant women also scored higher on the Creative Imagination Scale. This study researched women at two time periods, when they were pregnant and not pregnant. The research shows that if women are more suggestible during pregnancy, there is more of a reason to use hypnosis for pregnancy and childbirth.”

Hypnobabies is great for moms on so many levels!

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  • I can vouch for that. I had a great Hypnobabies birth in July and each one of the things you highlighted applied to me. I recommend Hypnobabies to everyone I know because I had such a positive birth experience.