I’m preparing for Hypno-BABY #2 and I’m re-reading and re-listening to everything, and it seems like nearly every day I hear something or read something that I don’t remember from the first time and that was a scant 10 months ago.

So as you go into maintenance, I urge you to re-read your materials and listen to each script in an alert setting with ‘fresh ears’ and an open mind.

For example, I recently realized that many of the scripts talk about pressure AND stretching sensations, I have no memory of the stretching part. Looking back I realize that what I classified as discomfort was in fact the stretching way down low near my cervix. It didn’t really hurt, but felt like …

a very very tight muscle pulling as I try to stretch it, but since I felt only comfortable pressure elsewhere in my uterus, I fixated and got scared of that feeling. Well hmmm, if I had that suggestion clearly in my head I think I would have characterized it differently during my first birthing time.

Also the handbook is fantastic to read again, I read through so fast last time, so excited to start the program that I don’t think i really absorbed everything, it’s amazing while re-reading what I find and what sticks out to me. I also like to think that reading and re-reading the positive talk about the power of hypnosis can only do my mind good.

So please, freshen up your practice with a quick run through your reading materials and listen to your scripts again with an alert mind you may find the gem you missed.