Hypnobabies Twin Mom Gives Birth Naturally with Induction!


Sam’s Natural Twin Hypnobabies Birth:


When I was 34 weeks pregnant, my blood pressure was becoming more and more problematic.  I was already on “take it as easy as possible” bedrest for two weeks at that point, so I was kind of annoyed.  At my weekly appointment that Wednesday my blood pressure was 170/95, and my doctor was like hmm, that’s not good.  So we ran some tests, and when I got a call back directly from my doctor (instead of his nurse), I knew that was a bad sign. 
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I was officially diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and he said we should move towards induction and birth  He was GREAT on the phone call, apologizing because he knew my plan for a natural Hypnobabies birth.  He explained everything slowly and let me process as much as possible, saying that he already scheduled the induction for the following day at Woodwinds (Hudson Hospital wouldn’t take me because I wasn’t 36 weeks).  I trusted him and knew if he said an induction was necessary, it was.  Both my doula, Lindsay, and my doctor reassured me that when your body has these sorts of complications, inductions tend to go much smoother because your body wants to be done being pregnant.       So Saturday morning (when I was exactly 35 weeks) my whole birth team was ready and arrived at Woodwinds.  My husband, mom, Lindsay my doula and Erika my birth photographer all settled into my room.  My mom was prepared to be my guard dog with any medical questions/decisions, which I think worked out fabulously because I was able to stay in my bubble and only be bothered if actually necessary. Dr. Hartung came in and explained how we would start the pitocin…Full Twin Natural Birth Story Here

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