Hypnobabies Testimonital from Misty, M.D

 I just wanted to say what an awesome program Hypnobabies is – and encourage anyone trying it for the first time.  I haven’t posted on the group really, though I enjoy reading.  So I thought I could share my Hypnobabies journey and maybe help others like you’ve all helped me.

My first, ds, was a typical hospital birth.  We took a generic relax and breath type course which did very little to help me during birth.  Then a 3 1/2 week early leaking of amniotic fluid sent the doctors into a tizzy.  They tried to give me pitocin at the hospital but the rest of my water came out and my birthing waves were suddenly regular and steady.  I convinced them to give me an hour to see how I progressed.  I went from a 1 to a 4 cm dilation when the nurse came in saying “The Doctor” (a resident I never met) said I needed Pitocin.  They bullied me into it, hooked up the IV over my protests, and the next 3 hours were horrible with intense surges that would overlap and continue without any release.  The birth went way too fast and I tore severely.  I vowed to not be intimidated by a doctor again, and to find some other way to give birth because there had to be a better way.

With dd, I found Marie Mongan’s book and tape and practiced with them.  I found the techniques helped, and the first parts of birthing were immensely better than the first time around.  But everything sort of “went out the window” when transition hit and I lost control.  I was the typical screaming mom you see in the shows.

I decided I was on the right track, but I needed something more specific and directed.  The one Mongan script was too generic for me with vague relaxation cues and different colors of mist.  I needed something for my mind to focus on – specific details of what I was supposed to be concentrating on during birthing waves.

I searched further and finally found Hypnobabies.  I joined this group with all the moms looking for the same thing I was, and found a bunch of script documents.  I read those and knew this was exactly what I was looking for.  I had my husband read them onto the computer.  I listened to them and practiced the last few months of pregnancy.

Finally, I had the perfect birth.  My husband prompted me through each wave with specific directions that I could really focus on. This kept my mind from being able to let in any sensations of pain or panic.  For me, it required much the same intense focus and concentration that a tough test in school would.  But, if I could keep everything relaxed and positive, it would work.  And it did.  No drugs and no pain (other than a bit of the ‘ring of fire’ at the end), and I had a beautiful boy nursing happily minutes after birth.

Then I went into birth #4 cocky and sure of how easy everything would be.  I didn’t practice as much and he was 2 weeks early.  Just to show that every birth is different – there were a few factors that made things more challenging.  This boy was 10lbs 3oz, and facing up so his head was pushing back against my spine.  But, I think the most difficult factor was that I was COLD!  (This is why I’m looking for a doula for this birth)  It goes to show how important a mother’s comfort and peace affects her ability to relax.  I was shivering through the whole birth, and no matter how they turned up the “individual  room” thermostat, the room remained artic at 3 am during a Michigan October.  I’m sure, now, a doula would have figured out that behind the closed and secured blinds a window was gaping open from earlier that day.  The cold hampered my ability to relax which I feel slowed the baby’s descent and caused me pain.  In fact, I could feel that many of the birthing waves weren’t `working’.  It felt much like the baby was being pushed against a brick wall and wasn’t moving.  My body was working against itself.

In the end, my son also got stuck with a `severe shoulder distocia’, but thankfully, my midwife flipped me over to my hands and knees before trying more drastic measures and he was born almost immediately afterwards.  Despite my difficulties, I still gave birth with no drugs and I’m sure much, much less pain and difficulty than if I hadn’t used hypnosis.  After all, birthing a 10 lb baby, sunny side up, still only took 5 ½ hours.  I can’t imagine what the birth would have been like without Hypnobabies.  It would most likely have resulted in a stalled labor and/or C-section.

Now, I’ve finally got the official Hypnobabies Home Study set, and am on Week 2 right now.  I love how much more positive I feel about the end of my pregnancy.  I should have started the course – or at least the affirmations – months ago.  It’s easy to get in the tired doldrums of how difficult it is to be pregnant and how you can’t wait for it all to be over, especially with everyone around you reinforcing that. Practicing Hypnobabies every day, I find myself smiling about being pregnant and enjoying the beauty of it all.  Things like back pain, heartburn, tiredness, etc., seem a lot less significant when compared to the beauty of a child growing inside me and the excitement about the awesome birthing day I have coming soon.

In my opinion, every pregnant woman should use the Hypnobabies course no matter whether she is planning on an epidural, C-section, etc.  It is such a refreshing change from the typical negative mindset about pregnancy and birthing.  In fact, hypnomoms are the ones with that “pregnancy glow” you hear about but hardly ever see.  Growing and birthing a child should be a celebration and Hypnobabies helps make it happen.

I only wish I could convince more of my pregnant friends and family to give it a try.  Now when I hear all of the horror stories, I keep thinking – the affirmations would help this, the fear release would help this, the finger drop would help this, etc.  🙂

Thank you Kerry.

Submitted by Misty M.D., currently staying home with her 4, soon to be 5, children