Hypnobabies: Software for Your Mind

Pregnant person laying on couch with headphones on

Hypnobabies: Software for Your Mind

Our inner minds have software that can be updated in a positive way!

Pregnant person laying on couch with headphones on
When our Hypnobabies students listen to Hypnobabies hypnosis suggestions every day by way of hypnosis scripts, (which are read to them by their Birth Partner) and/or listening to audio tracks on their own, their inner minds become “re-trained” to perceive childbirth as easy and comfortable, their birthing waves as pressure, stretching or squeezing sensations, and the pushing phase as efficient and easier. This re-training works the same way as upgrading a software program on your computer: Upgrading is the process of replacing a product with a newer version of the same product.

With Hypnobabies hypnosis re-training, the old programs (conscious and subconscious belief systems about childbirth) get upgraded to newer ones that allow each expectant and birthing mother to experience pregnancy and childbirth in a much easier way. Post-hypnotic suggestions are the main processors of the new program upgrades that are responsible for the mental, physical and emotional changes that Hypnobabies produces.

Hypnobabies students use these hypnosis suggestions, techniques and mental cues during their Birthing Time, and since they have been integrated into the subconscious through practice and repetition, they are instantly available. Since students practice (hundreds of times) using the new software in their mental computer, Hypnobabies hypnosis techniques are automatically functional when accessed during childbirth.

The foundational Hypnobabies hypnosis cue is a mental “lightswitch” LapTop Computerthat the Hypnobabies student can use to enter hypnosis instantly and deeply. Since the effect of hypnosis is cumulative, each time a Hypnobabies student practices her “Lightswitch” she automatically becomes more deeply primed with Hypnobabies hypnosis cues. We can liken it to using a new software program on your computer every day until it becomes second nature and you become an expert at utilizing that program!

During childbirth, our students simply use their cues, enter hypnosis and become immediately relaxed, calm, confident and comfortable in mind and body. With the very first sensations that a birthing wave is beginning, Hypnobabies students are already deeply in hypnosis and able to become much more relaxed as the wave builds in intensity, and able to use other mental techniques to create comfort exactly where it is needed. Hypnotic suggestions for instantly deepening hypnosis and remaining deeply in hypnosis in between pressure waves allows movement, positional changes, eating, drinking and talking. Hypnobabies students have also learned complete childbirth education and physical comfort techniques so additional childbirth training is unnecessary.

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During childbirth, some people listen to their Hypnobabies audio tracks, and some prefer to hear short verbal cues to reinforce their Hypnobabies techniques. Some simply tune everything else out and use their hypnosis cues and techniques by themselves, inside their minds, or by vocalizing the spoken cues.

Hypnobabies is easy to learn, practice and use with a little bit of education and guidance, and as with any new program, is most effective when all the instructions in our written materials are followed. We can’t program or upgrade our own computers without guidance from the experts, and the same is true for childbirth hypnosis!

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