Hypnobabies Mom’s Blog Post, “Is NCB for YOU?”

A Hypnobabies mother writes about a woman’s choice to have a natural birth, and how she can best achieve her goal in her blog post, “Unmedicated Childbirth — Is it for You?”. Click the title/link to read her full post.

Here’s an excerpt.

“Everyone’s childbirth experience is so different, and there are many cases when even though the mother has planned out her ideal chilbirth scenario, things go unexpectedly and they have to adjust their plan or completely throw it out the window. But for those of you who are serious about going unmedicated, here are some things I recommend. Most of these tips would be great for any kind of birth you choose. 

Commit to your decision as early as possible. 
Even as a teenager, I always thought “natural” childbirth was intriguing. When I got pregnant, I knew I wanted to go that route, but once I started really looking into it I realized it was no walk in the park and that for me to be able to mentally and physically handle it, I would need to commit to that decision 100 percent from the start so I could be prepared. I didn’t commit right away, because I knew once I did, I wasn’t going to retreat. I needed time to decide if I was up to the task and if it would be worth it. After a lot of thinking, praying, reading and talking to people who  had experienced childbirth with and without epidurals, I decided to commit. There were definitely still times when I questioned myself and got scared, but as I tried to stay confident and positive, I felt excited for the challenge.”