Hypnobabies Mom uses hypnosis to lower her heart rate, during a stressful ‘change of birth plans’.

pregnant beauty flower compressedThis mom had a great beginning of her birth.

We went up to the room and they hooked me up to the machines to monitor the contractions and the baby’s heart rate. I continued to relax through what were apparently pretty intense contractions. Evan said the nurse kept looking at me in amazement as the contractions spiked and I just sat there quietly, breathing. The doctor came in at 8:15 to check me and see if the contractions were productive. He popped his head up and said to me “Are you ready to have a baby today?? You’re 8 centimeters dilated!” and I think I seriously got the chills I was so surprised. IT WAS HAPPENING. I had heard and read so many stories of women going through this hardest part of labor, as you get closer to 10cm. Somehow I was there and was doing just fine. At this point I thought “Wow, I’m seriously going to do this!!!” and was so excited that Hypnobabies actually was working for me. Even without any sleep the night before, I felt full of energy and also really relaxed. The doctor said he would come back in an hour and check again.

Then a surprise breech baby at 10cm created a scenario where she had to have a cesarean.  It was a shock, but she was able to use her Hypnobabies to help stay calm.

Read her story and see her beautiful pictures here.

Congratulations on your sweet baby girl!


  • Jenny says:

    Luna is sooo beautiful and sweet! You must be loving kissing those sweet little cheeks. You did wonderfully, mama, and it makes me proud to read about how you did so well with Hypnobabies during your birthing time, and then handled the shocking change of plans. I’m so sorry it didn’t turn out the way you’d planned, but you had such a beautiful birth and did such awesome work. Now you know that you’ll be able to handle a VBAC with no problem 🙂

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