Hypnobabies Mom Shows Up at Prenatal Appointment 6 CM Dilated!

april linda c student2

Hypnobabies Mom Shows Up at Prenatal Appointment 6 CM Dilated!

Linda Cummings, who teaches Hypnobabies Classes in Foothill Ranch, CA sent us this birth story from one of her Hypnobabies students:

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Hunter is here!! He was born 1/13/14 at 7:57pm, 6 lbs 8oz, 17 1/2 in.

Here’s the birthing story:

I started my “bloody show” 1/3/13, saw my doctor that Monday and she told me I was 2 cm dilated, 90% effaced so I had to lay low and try to make it until the following Monday when he would be 37 weeks. I started my early birthing time mid-Saturday (1/11/13), and it picked up pace a bit on Sunday. I just kept turning off (Hypnobabies technique) and listening to multiple of theaudio  tracks to stay relaxed. It wasn’t particularly “fun” but completely manageable and not “painful”.

april linda c student2
Monday I was seen at 3pm at the office and my doctor said I was 6cm and my water bag was leaking so I should head to the hospital, but to take our time. We went to grab a bite to eat and made it to Hoag (Hospital) by 5ish. My birthing waves were 3-5 mins apart and very pressure-full. We made it to the room just in time to watch the sunset which was so awesome. After that special moment I laid down, listening to my deepening track and felt my birthing waves change.

I got up to use the restroom and felt my water bag completely break and immediately felt pushy. At that exact moment my doctor walked in, checked me quickly, told me to let two more birthing waves come and go then follow my body’s lead. At first I pushed on all fours then moved onto my right side with the nurse holding my left leg. The staff just quietly encouraged me and I pushed for about 30-40 minutes before he completely emerged! I was able to view the whole thing which was incredible. Jason was great and took his water duty very seriously. I think he was slightly disappointed that he didn’t have time to read me any hypnosis scripts but is thankful that it all happened so fast!

Hunter’s birth was truly perfect in every way from being at the hospital only 3 hours to not having a saline lock or even exam by the nurse before he was born! I felt a lot of pressure and some burning at the very end but didn’t tear nor need an episiotomy. Dr. Lai and all the nurses were amazed at the ease of my birth and I give all the credit to God and Hypnobabies! It was an amazing, empowering, and wonderful experience. Hunter is the most precious thing I have ever seen. Thank you immensely for everything you taught us and helping us make this such a wonderful birth!

Thank You! April C.


  • Who was April C.’s doctor? My current doctor informed me that leading up to birth I can be in any position I want, however for pushing, I need to be on my back with my legs up….I plan on asking her why at my next appointment. And also why I can’t be in whatever position is comfortable to me.

  • Shina, it doesn’t matter what your doctor says – ALL decisions, before, during and after your baby’s birth are YOURS to make. NO One can *make* you do anything or “allow” you to do anything. YOU are the consumer and YOU get to make all the decisions, at all times, in all ways for *all* medical care that you and your baby receive. Medical care providers work for YOU. You CAN be in any position that is comfortable to you when you give birth by telling your doctor that you will be and then making it happen. They can’t refuse to treat you or not attend your birth if you won’t roll over onto your back! YOU are in charge!

  • Thanks Kerry! Reading this made me smile and feel empowered! I’m sure I will reread this many times before my birth. Have a wonderful day!!!

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