Hypnobabies Mom says, “I Hugged My Doula and Continued Repeating, Awesome! Fabulous! Wonderful! Awesome!”

Hypnobabies Mom says, “I Hugged My Doula and Continued Repeating, Awesome! Fabulous! Wonderful! Awesome!”

Yes! It was Awesome! Wonderful! So peaceful, so relaxed, so beautiful! Absolutely worth all the training I did every day for half a year! Thank you Hypnobabies, I got exactly what I wanted and it was SO GOOD..!

I felt sure and confident all the time. I felt happy, good, peaceful, joyous. I knew I would know exactly what to do at any moment, I knew I wouldn’t have to ask anyone anything, I would just listen to my body and do as I intuitively knew I should do. I felt no worries about anything. I knew I would know if there was anything special I should pay attention to, and there wasn’t.

I was totally in my own world, I heard Kerry’s voice and the same time I didn’t hear it, I was there and able to say anything I needed to anyone and the same time I was completely elsewhere, calm, peaceful, in my own beautiful world.

I was on all fours all the time during the waves, and it was good. I only used the bed as a soft place to be on all fours. I leaned forward on a mountain of pillows and relaxed totally and took the hugs of waves, and it was so good. Intense, yes, but there was nothing wrong with that, intense was good. I felt so secure and sure. At some point I kept shaking my butt, which felt great, at a later point I kept still, just relaxed and enjoyed the wonderful massage and pressure my doula applied on my back. And all the time I was in my own world, completely happy, calm and secure.

I didn’t feel transformation, I didn’t feel crowning, I didn’t feel the small tears I got. I only felt intensity, which was a good thing just as I had taught myself, pressure, wonderful need to push and the great great feeling when I went along that need and pushed. I felt my baby move, it was wonderful, a feeling full of joy! I knew when my baby was coming out, no one interrupted, no one tried to guide me in any way, I knew what to do. With a great, most powerful feeling I had ever felt I pushed, the head was out, I immediately touched it. It felt warm, wet, wonderful, I said “there’s the head”. Then I felt a great urge to say something gentle and encouraging to the baby, so that she would know that mom is waiting and it’s safe to come out to the world.

The words came out of my mouth “Come darling, come out dear”. Then with a powerful, happy, so joyous feeling, the last push, my body moving along with hers so she could slide easily out – and she was born! I felt the most wonderful joy I had ever felt in my life!!! I was so happy, I felt so powerful, so full of energy, so proud!!! I kept repeating Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!!! I hugged my doula and continued repeating Awesome! Fabulous! Wonderful! Awesome!! The two members of the staff who were there witnessing the birth, the midwife and the nurse (who had only arrived at the last moment, as instructed), were both totally amazed and convinced, their eyes were wide open of amazement, they smiled and laughed and congratulated me and said wow you must be proud, wish we had had this on video, people won’t believe this, wow..!

I’m so happy and content about this birthing, and it feels especially good as my previous birth was a standard hospital version with all possible meds and a very poor, traumatic experience that took a long, long time to get over. This time it was all different and this birthing truly did become a very healing experience for me!

By the way, I had visualized a birthing that would begin with first some small signs, so I would know that now I can start to put myself in the right mood, “this might be it”. I wanted to have a bit of time to “adjust” myself to the right mood. Then I had visualized that it would be nice if it started in the morning, maybe 3…4 am, so we would all get some rest before it starts. Then we’d be home for a couple of hours, arrive at the hospital early enough to get settled nicely, then a few hours at the hospital, so that the whole thing would take say about 6 hours. Well, I got my sign, the mucous plug came three days prior, along with a few small signs during the days. So I could indeed get myself adjusted in time. I was really happy I got those days, I loved to settle myself to the right mood and start waiting for things to start. Then the actual process started at 3 am, we were home for 3 hours, arrived at the hospital nicely and got settled, and after 6 hours, quite exactly, the baby was born. Wow! I’m really happy I did the visualization!!! =)

I also want to share the most important things, in addition to Hypnobabies, that I used to make the experience the best possible, just in case someone wants to know. And feel free to ask me anything you want to know.

* A good and understanding doula – absolutely indispensable!!! She was crucial for the success of this birthing, as she took care of all discussion with the staff so I could stay in my peaceful own world and concentrate. And she was there to massage my back exactly as I wanted and that felt like heaven!!!
(I wanted no one else to be there than just my doula, and, only when needed, a midwife. That way I could best concentrate and stay in my own world, and it worked exactly as I had hoped!)
* Epi-No! Yes, it works wonderfully! It helped both physically and mentally, as I learned in advance about the intense feelings and I even learned to enjoy the intensity!
* Spinningbabies.com – just as instructed in Hypnobabies! A very good resource! I had an “optimal position lifestyle” -attitude for half a year!
* Orgasmic Birth – the book (not the video). This is the resource that lead me to Hypnobabies. Beautiful, positive, powerful and confident attitude, reading this was like balm to my soul.
* Keeping my own clothes, using my own cd’s that had sounds of flowing water with binaural beats, candle light, scarf & cap to protect my eyes from bright lights and my face from anyone watching, using the power of sound as I sang through the beautiful, wonderful second phase, happily, joyously, calmly… oh it was just so beautiful!!!!!!! =)
* …And so on 🙂

So, now I’m a very happy Hypno-Mom of a 3-week old baby girl, cherishing the memory of the birthing for the rest of my life!!! Thank you Hypnobabies, thank you Kerry and the team, thank you, you wonderful moms in this group, this group gives so much support!

Yes, Hypno-Moms Rule!!! =)

Your happy Hypno-Mom, Annie