Hypnobabies Mom Gives Birth Standing Up!

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Hypnobabies Mom Gives Birth Standing Up!


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Hypnobabies Instructor, Ricky Issler shares one of her stduent’s joyous Hypnobabies testimonials:

“Baby Boston was born at Lucina Birth Centre, medication free and we did utilize our Hypnobabies techniques.

I found the Birth Day Affirmations the most useful for my early/mid birthing time… I listened to this with headphones, focusing on the positive affirmations which helped me feel calm and comforted. 

During transformation (Hypnobabies for transition) I really focused on the anaesthesia component of the training… My anesthesia was orange although I didn’t focus so much on the color to block the intense pressure of the birth but as a visual reminder that my body was completely relaxed and open – and that was incredibly effective for me.  I found that keeping my light switch (Hypnobabies technique) off during pressure waves really helped to keep me completely relaxed and not tensed up which helped my labor progress very quickly and made his actual passage very quick. 

ricky issler student standingHe was born after only 2 hours and 18 minutes of labor and was birthed after one spontaneous push… I gave birth standing up! The information i received in your Hypnobabies class greatly impacted my frame of mind going into my birthing time and gave me a sense of happy anticipation, instead of the uncertainty and trepidation I felt with my first pregnancy. I look back on my birthing experience with Boston with an immense fondness. I don’t know many women who would say they’d love to give birth all over again – but I truly would because my midwife combined with the skills I learned in your Hypnobabies class helped me connect with how naturally beautiful a medication free child birth can be.”

~Misti M.


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Ricky Issler HCHI, CD(DONA) Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor
Certified Doula
Phone: 780-929-4669
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Email: comfortinghands@telus.net

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