I thought this was a great story about how Hypnobabies tools can be used for your whole life!  It is like riding a bike.  🙂
I’m currently just over 11 weeks with baby #4, this will be my 4th Hypnobabies birth (a repeat “customer”, the highest recommendation I can give it!). DS was a med-free hospital birth in 2004, DD1 (10lbs!) was a homebirth in 2006, DD2 was a home waterbirth in 2008, this little one is due in June 2010.

This time around I’m facing something I’ve never experienced before – gallstones. Ouch!  I’ve had 3 attacks now, and it has been the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. During my last attack I went and grabbed my iPod and loaded up my “Creating Hypno-Anesthesia” track and curled up in bed with my rice sock on my abdomen. It’s been about 1.5 years since I’ve listened to any of my Hypnobabies tracks but it was just like riding a bike, it all came back. The relaxing deep breaths, the lightswitch and the anesthesia. Before the track was over I was comfortable and asleep, and slept through the rest of the gallstone attack. (A far cry from my 1st one that kept me up writhing in pain for hours.)  

I’m still waiting for my appointment to see a doctor about the gallstones (long wait times for appointments at the local military hospital) but I’m glad I have a coping mechanism for any other attacks that come along.

~ Sonja

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  • I know the awful pain of gall bladder attacks. I think they’re definitely worse than labor because contractions last a minute or so then go away for a few minutes. But the pain of gall bladder attacks just stays with you and doesn’t go away.

    My relaxation techniques from childbirth prep helped me get through several gall bladder attacks as well.

    fwiw, I did a gall bladder flush and did not need my gall bladder out=)